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Imlay City, 971. Coldwator, 4,6X1. I'ort Huroo, 8,J92 inhabitant-. Petoskey is booniinfc in a business linu. Innia lias 4,173 inhabitants, uiti of 1,673. Ku-t is liurting the whoat fields ncur StHrgis. Hiidson is raisrng suhscriptions tbr it public library. Thu Lan.sing postiuaster uow receivos a laliiry of $2,900. St. Juüan made his milo d 2: IS] at the lonia races last weck. Dinhtheria hfis'scared ouf hearly all of the Clare .school ehiliiren. Kalfiraazoo is rejoieinjr over the new at iiiüii and puntal arrauiüMiiuiiis. A regatta is to m huid on Baw Bocse lake, Hillsdale, on July 28 and 29; More activity in the Saginaw lutnbcr businenH than for soinetitnc previous. Framis Potts. of Milford, wag maiined lor hfe by a mowinc oiachine reecntly. Harvestin? comtnonood at Huchanan on the 21t-t, earlier tlian cv;r liefore kuown. Bajid tourDamentp are popular. Itced City i.s to havo om' ut tlicir cuunty fair iiext rn. The Baptist ministers' instituto hold n five days' sessiou at K;iton R-ipids last week. Grand Ivapidg manufacturera expect tu disposo of $2,500,000 worth of lurniture chis year. St. Joseph haa 2.fiOO InhaMt- - _ .Tackson has a telephono ("xch.ingo with 42 suliscribera. The ltoadinfc cornet tiandwill aeoompaoy the Hillsdale KiükIus Templar U) Chicago in August next. A state convention aml camp meeting of liberáis is now in session ai Lifaiittg, and will cloee on the 5th. Kev. E. B. Fairchild, of Nebraska univerrúty, fojrnierly of Hillsdale college, is lecturÍQg in thi.s state. Frank Winton, of Ithaoa, shot himself through the head while fooling with a píatol, Tuesday of last week. Greeoville papers awtert that there will not be more than a two thirds wlicat erop in Montcalm Co. this year. L. L. B. Hunt, of Ithaca, had a desperate encountcr with an eoraged buil recenily, whieh noarly coft him his life. Harvosting is quite well nnder way in the southern portion of this state, and the harvest will bc Kenerally pleotiful. St. Andrew's Catholiochurch, of Grand Rápida, presented Father Flannery with a gold watch and chain, on the 21 st. A new electric light company has filed artioles of inoorporation, knowu as the Detroit Brueb electric light coiupany. Commenceuient week at Albioa college isaecasedby the press ofbeing wuch more interesting than usual, with a programme hard to beat. A confident greenbacker has made a bet that there will bo more greenback than democratie votes cast at the next election in Michigan. The Amorican institute of mining engiueers is to meot at Ishpeniing soon, and the peoplo thore aro making good preparations tberef'or. Jas. Watson, of Gerrish.township, Roscommon county, endcavored to coturnit suicide, beoaaso of nis financial ombarrassnient last weck. Strawberry growers, all over the state are bragging about their ability to keep up prices. Consnmers, however, don't feel elated Over the fact. Cadillac News: Huoklobeniesare ripening very last ; they are unusually large, and the orop protuises to be larger than it Las been for severa] years. Gottlieb Storch, of Ssginaw, put Crotón oil in soms beer fbr fan, and two men were üi;iut! siriousiy 111 Dy it. jottheb laughs over hisjokc in jail now. The annual fair of the Livingston Co. agricultural society will be held on the society's ground at Howel!, on September Ut, 22d, 2.ïd and :24th, nert. Bango bas ben selected . the placo for the eelebration of Emancipation day by the colnrcd peortle of Vaas and Van Buren counties, to take place August 3. The 22d annual commencement of Adrián college (wcurred ou Thuraday of last woek. An excellent program me was carried out. One lady önly in the graduating clans. Ttichard Smith, who lives four miles BOath of Thornville, Lapeer county, died last Wednesday from the eifeots of poion administered ia wine. Foul plsy suspeuted. The Adrián Times saya if any deuiocrat is flattering himself that this district - the '-id - is going to clect a democratie congrespman this fall, he may dismiss the allusion now. A youiig son of C. B. Peck, manager oí the Northwestern G. T. li. R., namcd Cbarlie, was thrown fmtn the pony which ho was riding last week, fraetoring his skull. ,[,„ n. U v-. Grand Ledgü Indepeodont: "Nate" WaUoq bas a heiier thirteen months old that this weck g;ive liirth to a healthycalf. Mr. Watson thinks it i tho dnly ense of the kind on record. E. B. Morey was found gailty in the Calhoun oounty circuit court of ttjrgery, on theliUhinst. The case DM Deen on trial soraetime. Much syrapathy is exprewed for Morey's futnily. IJWfoi The Sanilac lleporter has tho following burst of enthuHasui ovor the music of a new band : "Music hath charms to soothe the savago breast ! Qn west, you tooting amateur I Go west ! ' ' A pair of cellar stairs at Palmyra, Lonawee Co., has geriously injured two yersoa within a year or 89, and uow tpey talk of changing them po they wrll not hemintftken for the outiloor entranae. The Allegan Tribuno claims that eautern uupitalistü would uiako uioney by ereeting suiumer resort hotels in that county, as i{s lake breczes are juet as good, and its secnery muoh better than it is farther uurth. An aerolito feil one night last week and struok the in the rear of ChandUr's store, at (Joldwater, going nearly through to the cellar. It was badly "broke up," bat what there is loft of it is now on nxhibition at th Ooldwatr natinnal bank. The Adrián Times says that Wm. Neal, of Ogden, has been arrested, chargtvl with incest with liis own daughter, aged lfi years, who bcoanac a uiother on the 12th inst. In default of $1,OÜO bail, he has been lodged in jai!, to await trial at the next term of the circuit conrt. A man by the name of William Thompson, at, work lor llic LudiiiKton, Wells i; Van Schaiek company, at ivl_euominec,uiet a dreadful f ue Friday morning while engaged in unloading edgings into the fire pen at tbe rivcr uiill. While he was cudoavoriiig to "twig" the car hia partner on the track dumpod the load, which caught the unfortunate man and paslied him on to the live enals, the edgings holding him fast. lii'l'orr he could be runioyed he was fearlully burned, and dicd alter scvural hours of intense suifering. Mrs. Derby, aged 80, died at Cambridge, Lenawee county, a few days ago. She had reside) there 40 years, and had btiried five adult chilfiren and her husband ; and.when sl.e died, there was not a single member of her family lef't to mourn her, and no relation, near or remóte, left in that vicinity. This story appears as original in the Saginaw Cuurier, and showx huw Saginaw ¦! will He without any provocation wliiitover : "A farmer by the name of lleimold, living oear Frcclandfl, has a cat that this .season set apon a nest of vgns and hattihed a brood of ohickens. They aro doing wcll, and the cat is quite proud of' her ieathered kitteos."