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Republican State Convention

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A repablloab Hlate oonvcntlon to nomínate mui illliim for state oltlcorê and electo for rridcnt and vlvc-prcwldcmt of tho ITnIUxl suites, iind for the transactlon of othor busln.K, wlll bo hclil at tlie opera hongo lu the 1 1 tv of Jaokson at 11 o'clock a. ni., ou ThunKluy, AiikusIS, 1SSO. 1 11 act-ordanco wlth a resolution adopted al Ornad 1 lapida, May 10, lS7t), every county will i.i' eatlttod to on delégate for eachHWof tho total voto cast for govurnor nt tho last state .l.i -i ion (n 1S7S), and one addilional delégate for every frncUon of 300 votes, but eacli mxanleed oounty will te ontitled to al leaBt ono delBiite. 1 ii.lor t NMMMM of Mi no delégate will be enttBed to a wat who does not reside in the i'oiinty IM propooos to roprosout. Ín Mándale wlth a resolution adopled at a meeting of the Htatc central cominittee at I ni rolt, Jnne 2S, 18S0, the secretar? of caen rnunty convontlon U requestod to íorward to m'i ri-tary of the state central committa by Un' earllest malí, aftor tlie delégate to the hUito convontlon are choaen, a certlfled listo nuch delegates ai are entltlod to sit In the Btate eonvenUon. H. 1'. BALDwrw, Clialrnian. Wm. IavrKGSTOH, Jk., T. S. Applkoatk, E. W. Cottrsli., Hice A. Bkal, JnO. C. SHAKl', JAMIBMOWK.'B, 1). C. ToMPKIim, J. M.SHIPAR1), K. U. 1. HOI.DKW, W.S. UKORUK. CHAKLKS D. NlXÍWN, N. KlM'ATHIOK, Ki. u m Wkkks, T.iT. 1'BiLi.irs, Wm. IlAKTsurr, W. N. Bnowt, Kl)W. BBKITUNO, THOS. T BATRÍl. StaU' central Committee. Pktroit, Juue Zi, I8M11.