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SbouM the republicans chooso to tako advanUice of the power which is legally in thoir hands, they would havo the status whoso legislaturas are now in their favor cali the sanio together andchoose the presiilential electors as they mauifently havo the right to do, iostead of submitting the elcctioii to the people. There are now eightecu states that cast 198 electoral votes, only 185 of which aro necessary to a choice of president, legislaturas have a republican majority. These states are Colorado, ( 'onnecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachuaotts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraka, Nevada, New Hanipshire, New York, Ohio, lVnnylvania, Jihode Island, Vermont, Wisoonsin. These states are substantially republican, and will cast their votes next November for (iarfiVld and Arihur, together with Indiana, California, OreLon, and New Jersey, with a fair prospect of the addition of Florida. But if the republieans feit at all doubtful of the rc'sult, and chose to adopt suuli a policy as did the demócrata in Maine. thev mieht taKe tnege electoral votes, and have an undisputed right to do so ncoording to the laws of our country, while the democratsin Maine had not the shadow of law on their Nide in their attemptt to override ttio will of the people. But such proceedings are not republican, and will not bc taken. The people will settle tuis contest in a voice unlüiHakablü.