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liev. Ij. I . Davis got thrown out of his buggy Monday afternoon. He wasoonsiderabiy hurt but not laid aaide. Joseph Garrity is building liim a fine new barn, as is Mr. Merrill alo, botli of' Webster. 0. S. Gregory and John Tuomey went to Cincinnati and attended Uu: democratie convontion. Joseph MnGuinness lost a valuable horse by eolio, on Wednesday, afier 'o minutes Hokness. llev. J. C. VVortley will probably addross the reform olub next Snndny cvening. C. D. Green night oporntor hore, received a letter of' promotion Wednesday, to Galesburg, as day operator. Good f'or Cari. ij. C. Reeve, Dennis Warner, L. P. Davis, Kniannel, Vinkle, Woster Blodgett, C. A. Clark and S. K. Whoeler attended the state temporalice oonvention in Jackcon, rcoeiitly. Over 500 delégate were pretient. CHEI.SEA. From Ihc Ilcrald. At the M. E. parsonage ia ChelHoa, June 20, by Rev. J. L. Iludson, Mr. Roniïiin Cu.shman, of Lima, and Minnie ltoedel, of Chelsea, were niarried An omployeo at the pliining mili in this villaje named Conrad Hazuluchwardt, liad tour fingors cut off his right hand while working at the plauing macbinc. At tUe resideoce of the bride, at Wayne, Mich., June 22, 1H80, by the Rev. Mr. Bankervilli;, Mr. John M. Lettn, of Chelsea, and Mis. A. G. Cha,xe, of' Wayne, were marrii d. Thcro will be a grand pionie held at Pufear'fl grovo in Lima, on Saturday, July 3d. Win. ])opow, of'Clielsea, will be orator of tho day. An invitation is extended to aU. tjinday, July 4th, will he the annual ¦-iionary day at the ehuroh. Mr4 Wao l --rlirop, of Jaokson, will dehver tho annual missionury sttnnon In Hiu niortiing and alsc proach in the evenin;. Tliere arn four firnis huying woul in Cbdaea: Taylor Hrus., R. Kampf, Durand & Ilatch, and Gilbert k Crowell. The Hiiiount purehased thus far by th four tiiniH will foot up l.r)0,(X)0 pounds. Tho average price lwing paid was 34 cents. We hear of a good may shoep lieing killml by dKS in this vicinity. About a woelt ago lï. White, a farmer living onc milo cast of' Chelsea, liad seven or eijilit shocp killed and scvernl wounded. Mr. White killed tho dojrs, aud we liope evury farmer will follow suit. Children's day will be QCtobratcd at the Mi'tlioilist ohunili noxt 8undiiy nioniing and cvening. In tbc morning tliere will bfl Bhort aillnses to the ohildron, interBperwed with singing by the Huhool. lu the cvening the children will ooeupy the timo in reeitationa, songs, etc. The children's Sunday school exercises that eame off at the Congregalional ehurch on Sunday last, was grand. The clmruh was deoorated with beautifül flowers, oanary birds, ete. The children rendered their pieees to perfection and everything wcnl off harmoniously to the delight of all present.


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