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The best place to keep eggs intended for li uchinp is to wrap them in papr and put ii in the cellar in ;i covered box til '¦ ¦ll'K Coeoamit Pie. - Tako one coooanut, nnd prate ; ndd the Hiilk and twn egga, till the mixturo is as thick ns custard pie. One nut malies two pies. liarn-yard nianures are considcred more hurtt'ul than uscful for grape-vines. Potash shoald form a part of the grape raanures nwl iiitnite of potash is the moHt vaiuable. l'uiut the innide walls of a corn house ii li eml tar and it will drive weevils from i ho oom. It eosts but a lew dollars a barrel, and a barrel will last several yeara in lii'B honsea and oorn housea. Orease on a carpet, if not of long standing, OU ba readily disposed of by washing the -pot with hot soap-suds and borax - halfaa oum-e of borax to a gallon of water. Use : r',i-M cloth to it with, rinse in warm water, and wipe dry. Spcits on l'urnituro, l'rom anythintr hot, or li "in ak-nhol, can he removed by rubbing hard with swoet oil and turpentino. Wheo the spota diMppeftr, wash in milk-warru MHtp-rada, dry quiekly and polish by rubbiiif; briskly with chauiois skin. Paint, pitch or tar can be removed from cloih or wood by rubbing it with turpentino. If the paint has becomc dry, put a ttw drops of turpentineon the spot, and let it stand a short time ; then rub the spot, ;ind il' all the paint s not removed, ropeat tlu-work. Wlioncntirely gone, rul) ofi with alcohol. Bread Pudding. - To onequartofboiling swcet milk add the same quantity of cold bread eruiubs, liíht bread or biscuit ; mis and beat threi egga and one cup of sugar together ; then one cup of cold milk and half cup of butter. l'our this into the boiling milk, season with nutmeg and set in tlie oven to brown. Serve warm, with creaui. Chocolate Cake.- Two cupe of granulated sui;nr ; one cup of butter ; whitee of eight egjzs beaten to a froth ; one cup of sweet milk, tbree full cupa of siftel flour, and thren teaajisonfuls ofbakiug powder. Beat th! migar and butter to :i eream, add the milk, then the floar (bakinp powdar in it), and the whites. Wnen well mixed, divide nnd into one-half grate a cake of sweet chocolate. Bake in laycr? and put together i. 1 - h J a m Í.-.1I - n. ¦ 1 c m t r " r A Til ft t f il wmi fUMiini as iuuuw . ijiiiig, ""- r"" " ïuilk to the boiling point, stir in first two tcaspoonl'ul of corn-starch dissolvcd in alittlomilk, and then two beaten eirgs and & tcacup of silgar. Flavor wiih vanilla. This is a very excellent cako. Boforc iiattiDK down carpets, ii' moths ar iearcd, procure sorae pulvcrized aalt and aluin, or hot alum water, l'ut this down the cracks next the baseboards, and paste strips of ootton cloth over the other cracks, tlien, even ifmothsare plenty, t hoy will bc unablc to como up and do misebief. If there are moths' eggs in the carpet,they can be destroyed by wringing a crash towel out of cold water, spreading down on the carpet, and then going over it with a very liot iron. fio all over the oarpet in this way, nd the steam will destrov both eggs and insects. Thit) ta"kea time bat is the 'nal method for the annihilation of these pests. If you want your chickens to grow fast feed them on oatmeal scaldod with swector sour milk. Don't make the feed wet or sloppy, nor give more at once than will be eaUn up fluim. Oiily prepare as niuch at once ss will In'1 all cateo b(fore any fermentation takes place in it. Where oatmeal can not be had, fine cornmeal or cracked wheat siuiilarly treated and adrainistered will anHwer a very good purpose. Boston Cream Cakes.- Half pound butter, thrco-fourths pound of flour, eight eggs, one ]int of water ; stir the butter into the wtter, wUich should be warm ; set it on the fire in a pan and let it boil, stirring it oftcn ; when it boils, stir in tbe flour ; let it boil one minute, take it off and let it cool ; beat the eggs light and stir into this cooled paate ; bakc in small bnttercd paus ten minutes, filling them half full. Take a pint of molasses or its equivalent in sugar to pailón of water, put into ui "on-mouthel jar or keg. 'l'ut in 8 hatf pint of raw o'irn to ten gallons, cover with nctdug to keep out insucts. Put it in a moderately warm place, and let it work until clear. This will takefrotn ten to twenty days. Now pour oflf the clear part, throw out drugs and uorn, roturn the clear p.irt to the keg, shake it up oeoasioually, and you will soon have good vinegar which will Dot be poison. In washing colored cotton goods thcre are a great number of ways by which the color inay be preserved. For buffn or gray linen a tablespoonful of black pepper to a paillul of water will "set" the color and not Harden the water at all. liet the articles to be washcd soak in tliis water a half hour or so :uid thca wash as usual. It is excellent for black and colored cámbrica or innsüng, and with ordin.-iry good washiDg tltesc arricies oan bo kept looking new a long time. The suds shonld be made witb the water in which the black pepper was put and in which they were soaked. Buffs and grey are not oasilv nontted afti'rhavine ncco washed in the pepper water. H not only prevcots fading but keeps the color from "runninc."