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The Democratic Cloven Foot

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Tho Domocratic newspapers are groaning io spirit over tbe terrible corruption.of the credit mobitier Bwindle. Their indignation knows no bounds. Thus virtue is grossly shocked at the mcntion of the Dame. It has set our contemporánea off into a wilderness of borrowed invectives. Kvnrybody now knows that the credit mobilier was a fraud and was organized and conducted for the purpose of fraud. Now, who concocted this swindle, who drow np tho plan of its organization, aod gave it an apparont legal exintence and reoommendcd it to the oonfidence of the public? He was no less personage than Samuel J. Tilden. He it was who cotinseled and organized the fraud. When the Credit Mobiïier was investigated, Messrs. Buouoell, Alloy, Ames and General Butler tcstilicd that Samuel J. Tilden was from its organization acting as an attorney for the Union Pacific ano credit mobilier corporations, and that he was paid $25,000 tor hia services. The following is an extract of the testiniony: "Qucstion by Mr. Hoar to Oakes Ame?, - Were you not informed by tho counsel who drew the contract that this was a violation of the law ? Ans.- We were informcd by counsel whom we consulted that the issuing of this stock, to the credit mobilier, as payment upon the contract for building the road was in entire eompliance with the law. Ques. - Who were the counsel that gave you that sdvicc ? Ans.- Mr. Samuel J. Tilden, Mr. Chas. Tracy and Judge Allen. Ques.- All of New York ? Ans.- All of New York. They were the parties who werc consulted in the matter." Yet Tilden has been standing np bcfore the country the last four years, like a sore thumb, whimpering and whining for the sympathy of the people heoause he was cheatcd out of the presidency and the democratio party has cchoed his grnans. He is corapletely covered with the credit mobilier shirt, which his friends vainly endeayor to hide by looking in another direction aDd crying "stop thief."