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The American Girl

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' The defecta of the American girl may be done away with by giving less proniinencc to the purely intellectual or purely practical side of her cducation. For while one class of men is strivinp; to solve the problema of life by educating women intellectually, therc is anothcr class which is shouting for educatioo in domestic matters. While the professors at Harvard are rejoicing over some girl who can take in their philosophies or thcir matheinatics, the newspaper editor singa the praises of her who can roast a turkey, bake bread or make her own dresses. Neither ei vos the nopr gW iv V"'j '" exwt, Dut onlj to wort, with oither hand or brain. No one says to her : " You are not only yourself, but possibly tho futnremotlier of other beins. Do not thercforo allow yourself to be driven by either school of apostles bcyond what you inay do easily, comfortably, or pleasurably. ïhe healthy balance af your nervous syntem is far more important to you and your future family relations thiin uil the mathematics or dressmaking, or even roasting of turkeys. Ocoupy yourself steadfastly, butwithoutstrain, without hurry, and without emulation. .As the apostle said (and it, must have been mennt expressly for Americans), 'avoid omiilation. ' Find (Mit first what you can do best, and even if it does' not come up to Boniebody elne's standard, learn to eoiitent yonneif with