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Carbolic Acid As A Preventive Of Scarlet Fever

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Mr. C. ES. Vri?ht, of tliis city, lias bccn experimenting with carbolic acid as a pro ptiylactic ( preventivo) of scarlet fever, aud íh favorably impronnod with its cfficany. It .inclín t.o abort the diseasc. ín nunieroua casos persoDH in an infocted liousohold who tn)k the acid h-xvo every one escaped infuction, wliile all who failed tn take it were attackod. In the family of Mr C. L. Divine, foruman of tho Journal composinir room, all who took it oocaped, whilu 1 1 j ¦ sorvant-jíirl who refused to tnkc it, íh now down with the dinease. The subject is one worthy the sttidy of every physici.-in, and, if the theory í.m entablillad, the dincovery in one of the most important ever made in medicine. The doctor putH iivo dropH of acid in ahalf-iint of water and i ves a