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Malarial Diseases Are now more succewffully treated by a now acont, made trom I'eruvian Bark by BlEMMOS, Ol.Arr&Co ,Cbeniists, Hoston, Mass. It is called CINCHO QUIN 1 N I). and in pronouneed byphysicitti to 1"' prefcrable in its action, and a perfect substituir fur the Kulnhate. The dose is the same, and it is sol 1 at tl. 50 per ounco by DniKgiats ; or it will be sent on receipt ol' pricc by tbc manufacturera. "My Tormente! Back," is tho exclamation of moro than onc poor bard working uian and wonian ; do you know why it achun? It i becausc ynnr kid icys are over-tasked and need strengthüiiiriL', and jour system n(?ndHto bo cloansed of bad humors. KidnoyWort íh the medicine you neud. "Itaotslikoacliurni," say.s a well-known pbysielan, " l ncver knew it tofail." New York Bul (er Murket. In refïOrfing tho market prices for bulter the Now York Tribnne of May 20tb, aid. "ohoice pack.igeg to the ïotail tradc reaoh 19 to 20 cent, bilt light oolarcd frooda are hard to diposo of, and sevcral lots wurr thought w.;ll BOld al to lt) cents." Ïüih stern lngic of dollars and cents ia rapidly ponvincitiK dairyiuen tbat tln'y should use tho Perfoctod Bntter ('olor nntde by Wells, Richardgon 4 ('o, Hurlin:ton, Vt. It divos the perfect Jone oolor tfte yeta round and dairynii'n that ust it never som! Rgit eolond íí.ds to markot." 1'bymciaiin uh Kidney Wort in nulitr praotioe and pronouoeè its aótion perfect.