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THE ReüdeK of this notice is invited to cali on us when visiting DETROIT. We promisc a cordial wclcome and an attractive display of rich and artistic wares. M. S. SMITH & CO., Jcwclers, Silversmiths, Watchmakers, and Dealers in Gcms, Corner of Woodw&rd ui JeSèrson Atenues. CéF Particular attention iiven to mail orders. 1177-1021) WVTREMAÏN GENERAL luie in office: at A.A.TERRY'S HAT STORE rili llrli uil Inxiiranrc fomp'r (of Ijondon and Edinburgh,) Capital 13,000,OUO, Gold. lctroll Flrc and Marine lux. o. Ch Aewt ffinOOOO. Sriiicll-ll lui. 'omp'j.of.'WiiSK., VMh AsiPtB H.MOMB Ilownrd In. Co., r IVew Vork, Canh AbocU ll.O'JO.OUO. A(;ri4-iilliiral Intuirniue :oni' WATKKTOWN, - NEW YOÜK, Vtsh ABCti $1,2(JU,UI11I. Jossca libcrally adj usted and promptly paid. jr DANDELION Dr. White'e Danrtellon Alterativo, the (Jreat Blood I'uriucriind Kenovator. A spccllic lor I,ivur i'rnnïilitmt, nUioimuehP, Chili and Peter. lype(Mla. kidney Dleeao, Kheumntium and Coiiptipitiiun ol the Bowel. Remove pimple and rulluwnnw froni Ihe Bkiii.prodncini; arlear complexión. It i pntely vegetable, perfectl; harmliw and plt-want to tnku. Pint nottle only fl, and cvery bottJe wainuitril. PULMONARIA. %X fnr Oonghf, Coldn, Astriñía. Bronchitis, Croup, WhpliiE Couüb and Iucipient ConHuinption. Kift cent per bottle. Large bottlee il, and every Ivotilc warriintcd. Por sale in Ann Arbur by KberbarL & Son, and drugEista everywherc. OoW-lOi Unscrupulous parties are falsely represent! ng to consumera thttt tuey are Klllug sulrts of oor manufacture. Nlilro Hinde lo Order hy na brnr (lamp Hilli Indcllble Ink on Vake, Urn ¦CHICAGO, l CINaNNATI,y Oar RoJldy-Mndo KnlrU Ix'nr lini lili ¦ ¦ ink on Tol, Uiimi All Othersarn Paloly RpreMntecL WILSON BROS. lmporting and Jobbing Men's FurnishersRINSKY k BEABOLT'8 BAKER Y,GROCERY KD FLOUR AND FEED STORE. Wi: keep coiiftantly on hand, BUHAD, (HiACKKHS, CAKES, KTC, KOR WHOLKHALK AND KKTAII. TKAUK. We ban alao keep a inpply ol SWIKT DBUBKI-'S BKST WHITK WIIKAT PUWK, DKLHI KLOUK, KYK PLÜUK, llt'OKWHBAT CI-OIIK. COKN MBAL, KBBI, C,Ac. At wholcealo and rctail. a ircnoral stock ol GmOCBRIBSAND PROTKIOKÜS conntantly on hand, whlch wlll r nold on hk émWi abW' t-rniH tt ftt any othur in the city. ('ftpïi j'uid for Kuiter, üñ, JUid Conntry PritduC' irenerally. BBr''"'H 4WIered to fmy pnrt of tbp w!'1 fvnt extra chftr)i. yr K1H8BY HBAUOI.T. $ÏOÖ RÉWARD ! TOR ANY PisK OF CATARRH T1IAT CANNOT I!K C&RXD W1TH eATARRÜlüRB. Thïf is no hnmiiu?. No nas'nl donche. No tmuff. Nothlnt; to irrítate Un NhhmI cavity, or dettroï ÜW nenie ol orneU. It ia au INTKHNAL UKMKDV ArTINOlTPDN THRBLOOn, cïeiuMnfj it f mm Ito impurities, ciuin ilie puri lrnt inalter to !¦ CKrriotl off throneh th natural cbatinelH. it Im - pivpHTHtioii, ugef) aml prcserfheii for yam hy of the ablcgfl practltlofierta in thin, country ,uid hn uovcr fkili-rt tocuro when wv KCflorAfnff to dtrctifm, II ¦ rnoii. aft er takio one düZ'Mi of lIiiH'n r.itarrh (""tirc (s niït ntrtd or henrfife l ;mor' than fonr tinion i:c qohi, we will rtluiiü Uic moiu-y mid. H il .i.uyon ftoód, yon ar willlng to pay for It. Hit doop no good, It coh!h you notfaiiu;. l'rice 75 contw por botita. old hy all tirugiületf. ManuUciurfd by F. J. CIIENKY O., DrnfK'fts Totedo OhiD. If your dnifrcist des iiot keop it iu Htock, ank lUu to crlt it fnr you, or pond direct to propriHorp, and it will be pnmptly forwarded. Por nal' iu Ann Arlor by II. J. BItOWN & (0., ÜS7-1001. Cor. of Mln and Hnron St. 'iiimir, (oi.ini -, EXCELSIOR IIAIlt WAS II. 9g This (VlrhrntiMi Articlo Xj t'-iCHefct-H tlir L'fiitrHi rew& Ptorative, in ÍL'oratinu' mul AMtTII nttt llr lIil1 'l'i'll)t"-i "' any nrHfljB tic'e ' ''"' '"(1 kuuwn vJ rwfSlfJj E t (hu burilan laiiilly. It JfcJ Ifc" cleaiitef hair and -r ilp, BtTMij rt'i.iüvi-r (liiiulrut), t'iihvt'iiH ijjfc.2 BL llli' itt"t pofitMiH tin1 hair, TpBi 58?. pfodnciiu' h luctral Ml" F " anc! muí fiuluco a hixint'a, Marrh , ffi0. mU . (frowtïi. rRFPAHKT) BT MADAME l.OI.DM N, TOLEDO, Olllu. CEBTiriCATE Of ANALTDI2 : To whoin it muy cohcétw ï have exnmlnd Maoamk Goldman ÜAin VTasU, nd ttnd it to rontain iió lnredlDi that wlll prove Imrtiu] t the hair or Hi'alp. It íh In no hrrini' oí the word rt huir dy. Tin ennstltaenta are woll cnlrnUt-d ti art an Bedfttlv I mul rln-ck tlitit ÜTÜnUon OÍ Dm' Hülp thnt icmuIw in nu expaalvv acrtVP "' dandrulf, and au mmoynir 1 Hrhinr mjM 8, DOITOLAK.