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How They Surrendered

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Tbc following dispatches of congratula tion have not herctofore been published : W. S. Ilanoock : Teil Samuel Randall that hc must su port you. John Kelloy shall not outdo in 'in magnanitnity. I have a few old harre in ïny back yard ; will expresa thcin C. C D. By the way, if you need in unele, don' forget poor betrayed old Samival. H. J. TILDEN. Winfiold Scott Hancock : I thank you for haviog kicked Sam. Tl den for me. I know you were a Yanke bireling, but we will accept you as a mop for house cleaning purposes. The state o blue jeans is at my back, and I am b-a-a-d man. THOMAS J. HENDEKSON'. Gen. Hancock: Did you see a f'cllow named Thurma looking for me ? Teil hiui to have his chi in its placo on hisshouldcr, as I am edgin along D nis direction rapidly. HENRY B. PAYNE. Gen. W. S. Hancock : I congratúlate you. The "old man" ma be dead, but there is niulc courage enoug left in him to kick any other Ohio man ou of time. By the way, who is to boss th patronage of ühio ? ALLEN O. TBUBMAN. Gen. Hancock : 1 'li'l it with my bandanna statcsman Can I bc Secretary of War ? Answer be fore I makc any combinations with the re publicans. JOHN G. THOMPSON. Gen. W. S. Haucock : The Cleveland postoffice is being enlarg ed. To do the work properly - but wii write more cxplicitly. W. W. AKM8TU0NCÍ. Gen. Winüeld S. Hancock : I was only in fun with Tilden - would no have taken a place on the ticket with th cock-eyed old fraudwho was helping l'aync all the time. But, sir ühio muit have a plac in the cabinet. 1 find that the boys can spare me from business after March nex without inconvenience. KIUIAllD M. BISHOP. Gen. Hancock : "Considerthe lilies of the Field, how they grow" - and how they are crushec when a big coon comes along from the eas and sits down on them. I am tired of thi orowding of eastern raen, sir, and shall im mediately move to Rhode Island. Love to Dud and you. Stephen J. Field. General Hancock : The Eiaerald Isle will bowl foryez. Bu didn't we paste the mumnie of Grimmercy Park- the ould divil tish. And don't ye forget it ! John Kklley. Gon. Hancock : The Lord blessyou ! With I'ayne out, can walk - or run - for Congress. My ol( legs just ache to startin. Brooklyn send greeting. (Collect for dispatch.)