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A Democratic View Of Garfield

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Exeluding political rivalries from view f'or a moment, it niustbe ullowed that there is mucU in tho eareer of James A. Garficld for cvcry truc American to tako pride in. It is out boast that in this land there is no ïonor or dignity to whioh the soos of the mmblest person may not, by diligence, atain. The candidato before us carries with ïim Homething of thia heart-warmiog lustre. 'hirty-five years ago he was a bare footed oy, driving a horsc on the towpath of a anal. Later he was busy at a carpenter's iciicl), toiling at daybreak and far into the night to earu the mean whorewith tü purhase knowledge. Unaided by any friendn, ave bis own willing hands and ambitiouH rain, he secured tht' eduoation of a eolleiap,and began the public part of his life wclliuippcd in intellect for the battle. Suroly, .ameráis and republiuans alike may rtop Lscussion fora moment and join in at least ue round of applauseforthe nueces which ïas thus far attended a career ho gallantly pened.