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The northern Michigan woods are juat alive with deer tliis summer. No liquor is sold at ( 'olunjbiaville, Lapeer county - and yet the place does uot die off. 287.000 barrels of salt was the product of the Michigan salt wells f'or June, the largest ever known. TIn1 pruhibitioji oonventinn for the nominatioo of' state officers will be held at Jackbou, iieptember 1. The Detroit brewers held a meeting a few daya ago, and agreed to ruise the priue of beer to $8 per bbï. The census men say Grand Rapids has a population of 32, 037, but the directory man figures it out at 43,5L0. Buss is the name of a new postoffioe in Manitou county. Wonder if it isn't a favorke place for young lovers ? The Owosso people have given to the Esty organ couipany the land on whiuh to erect a big factory. Sensible Owosso. The aBses8ora' valuation of Detroit, this year, is : Real estáte, $64,556,085 ; personal, $19,807,705; total, $84,363,790. The fire cracker ordinancc was enforced in Detroit on tbe 4th, niuch to the relief of invalida and to the disgust of stnall boys. Mrs. AnnEliza Young, Brigham Young's 17th wife, has become a resident of Battle Ureek, with her two sons by her first husband. Two dsughters of' John Wormley, of Byron, were drowncd last Friday eveuing, while plcasure riding on a mill-pond ncar that place. An effort is being made to send a team from Michigan to represent it atCreedmoor. Shootist are especially invited to help on the movement. It is said that over 50 farmers from Monroe county have purohased farms of the Union I acifio railroad couipany, in Nebraska, this spring. Coldwater is not Ratisficd because the ceusus only shows 4.G85, an morcase of a trille over 300. Niles ensus foots 4,300. showing a decrease of over 300. The Kev. Milton C. Lïghtner, the first rector of Grace church, in Detroit, died of apoplesyat Oakland, Cal., at eleven o'clock 'lhursday morning, of last week. Bay City census cnumcrators foot up 20,300 inhabitants for that burgu, and still they tire not happy. It beats all what greod some people do possess. There is considerable talk of building a railroad from Durand to Byron. The parties working the scbenie proposo to build a narrow gauge. - Vernon Herald. The Kalainazoo pioneor society will hold their tenth annual reunión at Kalmazoo, August llth, 1880. The state society will hold their annual meeting at the .same time and place. Among the census enumerators of Lenawee county was one young lady, Miss Rosa Canniff, of lludson, and her returns to the county clerk are inferior to none and superior to the majority. B. B. Morey, of Battle Creek, aceused of forgery, is working fór the state at Jackson on a ten years' sentence, and his partner, "Jim" l'ugsley, is in jail awaiting trial on tho same eharne. Michigan has 17 representativo at the eighth anuual national regatta, at I'hiladelphia this week, and the crews of the llillsdales, Wyandotts, Centennials and Michigans are contestant in the four-oared race. The paper pail and wooden-ware manufactory of A. H. Morrison, at St. Joseph, was burned to the grouod last Friday night. Ijoks $75,000, insured for $25,000. 200 work men were thrown out ofemployment thereby. A terrible tragcdy occurred at (}reenvillo laat Sunday. J. P. Cook of that place shot his wife and then killed hiuiself with the same revolver, both dying instanty. Strong drink was tho cause of the ter The " union " compositors on one of the Grand Ilapids papers struck bccause of the discharge of some of the eompositors alleged io bo unsteady, but the strikers made a mistake, and are now searching for work elsewhere. Mrs. Lovina Reanis, aged 83 years, was the pioDcer to carry off the prize at the Caas county pioneer meeting, as the one showing tho groatest nuniber of doscendants. She had 13 children, Gl grandchildren,42greatgrandchildron ; total 1 10. Mr. OUie Judd, of' this city, has been detailed by the officers of the western ïnion telegraph company, to niakc his loadquarters ia Mentor at the residence of ien. Garfield, until the close of the canipaigo. Ollic enters on Uii dutics hare early next week.- Adrián Times. Dr. Wm. O. Cox, of Detroit, who has een on trial for some time past, charced with the murder of Anna Clcmens. of ftay Jity, whose body was found in the river togue last 8iring, was acquitted by the ury and dischargeil bv the court last Saturday. Mrs. Schneider, at whose house he death occurred, was also released on ïer own reoognizance. The following are the patenas granted to nventors in this state for the past month of June : Mail bag, T. O. Bennett, and S. freubath, Clifton ; sulkeyplow earriage, j. Cahill, Kalamazoo; camp bed, T. J. Toslin, Flint ; gilding prooess, N. C Lawrence and E. G. Matzian, Detroit ; type writing machine, J. H. Philip.", Fentou; hoe, J. A. Weaver, Kast Suiuaw. They have solid cows up in Midland ounty. A few days ago one got on the ailroad track and tried to " hook " a locomotive. She was hoisted on the oowatchor, where she kieked the headlight to pieces, tricd to butt in the end of the boil:r, and then juinped off uninjured. Blank bruis for filling out affidavits to the abovc n hand at this office.- Evenine News. A whole aftornoon of the recent convenioD at Lansing, of' the Michigan shcep(recders' and wool-growcrs' association, was given up to a debate on the question f washing shecp, and the resul t was an lmost unanimous verdict thut the practice s not only useless and barbarous but unirofitable, taking into acoountthe often 'atal efTüct on ñue animáis thus shocked by K'ing forcod into tho water. The sealed jroposals for building thu ew state reform school for girls were opend last Saturday at Adrián. Thcre were ive competitors, bidding as follow: Ayres PLaamur. $2'J,S50; Donough of Adrián, 31, 13 ; Thompson of Adrián, $34, (MM , icatty of Adrián, $28,237, Johubou of Deroit, $26,150. Mortiuicr L. Smith, of )etroit, is the architect, and the plans mbraoc an official or administrativo buildng and one cottage. Census statisticH : Grand Kapids, officia!, 2,037, against 25J23 in 1S74 ; Kast 8giw, 10,065, agaiust 17,084 in 1S74 ; Adrián, 7.84'J, against 8,863 in 171 ; Ponac, 4,512, against 3, t51 in 1S74; Monroc, ,(.ll2,aginst 5,782 in 1874; Lapoor, 2,918, gainst 2.Ü87 in 1874; Charlotte, 3,100, nainst 2.631 inl74 ; Traverse City, L985, ainut ab()ut (.'(K) in 1874; l'ortfand, 1,10, against 1,060 in !S7O; Big (Upids, r,ro, a.iMinst 3,103 in IS74. Joseph Coveny, one of the wealthy farmers living in the vicinity of Buchanan, is evidently a free ttiinker. He bas already orected his monument, which is in the cenietry near by. He has the following uiottoes engraved upon it : "Free religión:" "The more pricatthemore poverty;" " Nature is the true God- seiencethe true religión;" "Free press;" "The more saints the more hypocrites ;" "Free thought;" "The moro peace the moru plenty." " A free-thinker s monument;" " The world is my country, and to do good ny religión." It is certain tliat h: is not only a freethinker but a very eoceutric gentleman.