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A Striking Comparison

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OCR Text ir linar in Kancuil Hall. Gen. Hancock was a brave soldier. But I would rather trust the brave soldier who learned hin kuowledgc ot' the rights of' men of the geuius of the American peoplo, of the feehng.s of the poor and lowíy, in tho carponter's shop and on the towpath. Sueh meo as Hancock are (he natural product of the military schools of monarchial countrics. They are the men who made the groat marshals of Franco before her revolution, and who helpcd the monarehies of Prussia and Spain and of France in keeping the people in subjection. Such men as Gartield aro the product only of' a republic. It is that such men may exist, and grow, and may go from the bottorn to the top, that republican institutious exist. Talk of' the fuilure of universal suÖragc ! If any man has such a doctrine to pröaoh in Boston, ask him under what other fonn ot' sufliai;c thorail-splittor, Abraham Liuceln, anil the canal boy, James A. Garfield, can be borne on the hcartu of the people from their humble cottage to the presidentiál chair. Oh, fellowcitizens, t is impoMlblQ th.U tho touchine and Himplo story of this widow's sou, living only for his uiothür and tor bil own iniprovement, as h: rew from olwcurity, from poverty, from distrcss, froiuwaut, QÜiog Miavssively evcry office and every honor of the re public, can t'ail to impruss thu hearts of the Auicncui pcuplo whcii placed by tho side iiltbi' iniiii ciIiumIimI in tho military wliool, votinr the ilcMioor.itic bioket aiul oÖuring