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The Why And The Wherefore

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of tui: itr.AT ni su at BACH &. ABEL'S lat. They carry Ilie largest stock of uil kind oT good lo be round in Ann Arbnr, v(.h inakc Nlioppln ft maller ol' pIciiKiirc. 2l. Tlietr Inrgc line of Ladles' aml Geni' Furnlatilng Good, Holery, Glovc, IJinlorMeur I.a-CM, Kiubroldcrlc, NimoIi, Ubbom, Fans, Cornet, and Fancy res doods, Innire lo nu.' patrón almo-l very artlclc IMcy ili lowcr llian il can bc round in any other Ii.him !., tl4. ,.„ Ono price and a low price for Ladics', Cents' and Children's Spring and SummerUnde wear. PARASOLS ! PARASOLS ! Our mock or Parasol Uil priiiR Ih iiioj.1 novel, varled and pleaKlni;. Thcy tjre in eolor and ttlyle lo iniiKh the prevailliiB slylen f li'. .mmIs Im-Iiiü Iii alln. Slik, nrocadet, u Horteil Minsci lliiln. LOW PRICES PREVAIL IN THIS DEPARTMENT. SXX.XC&T SXX-X5ST SItKST Stï-tiST II is au aeknowledgeil raet tliat we lead Ihe Mik Tradc In Ilic Interior or the utalc. IV o have arivuntaceK Ihat no olher house In llilx feelion powtev.. Special nUeiHion eallecl u oiir liniuliiu. Blaek SilkN al 55,65,75,80 and IOO cenl. Plag- I Klaek Sllks, heavy cnough rr wek, al 1.2.-, #1.39 and #1.49. Alao a ftill line equally a elieap Oom I.O to #1.00 per yard. TI10 areiu barfahu ror the next ten day wlll bc our $ .25 Colored Silks at SI.OO. Wó respectfully cali your attention to the above, where you wlll flnd facts and figures worthy of your notice. It is to your own interest, and you can not afTord to let the opportunity escape you. UEMEMBKR THAT THK rLACK TO TKADE 18 WHERE THEY MAKE PRHKS, Mi ()f niIKKK THEY MEET THEM. B-A.OH &c ABEL, CASH DRY COODS HOUSE.