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July 0tb 1 Time flies as well as houseflies. ____ A roading room is to be established in the old museum building. Cora. Jas. Fisk.Sr., has been stopping t tho Cook house this week. Chicago markets report new winter wheat and rye on saje, with quality excellent. Tho university has nearly 30,000 bound volumes at present in its general library. The opera house is to be rcl;nqui.;hod by the red ribbon club, August lat, we underHtand. __ Lots of fun at Justice Grangcr's court last Wednesday, but our reporter wasn't there. ___ The managers of the relief park received over $4W last Saturday, and an enjoyable time was had thcre. Ifonry Hinder is to occupy his old qaftTtors, as soon as Ludwig Wak moves out and into lus new store. The Bny City regetta, which occurs on tho 11 Ht, 122-1, and 2d inst., has attraetive posters all over the city. Mr. 8. A. Jonns, late professor in the homeopathie departmeof, it is understood will practiee in this city. (l.orei' A. (illert is now mail ntont on the M. C. railroail, haviri(? been transferred from the Lake Shore. Three days of the 4th this year : Saturday we celebrated : Sunday wa. the #enuine artielo ; Monday the legal day. Workmen are doing excellent jobs ou ecvoral of our streets by cleaning out the guttra and grading the road bed. - ¦ Another of J. D. W.'s excellent letters from Now Mexico has been received and will appear in our next issue. We learn that Dr. B. D. Ronnett has lcen appointed as hospital surpcon ut' the allopathic or university hospital. The red ribbon bovH havo been putting in good time in sccuring funda with which to purchaae the Com. Fisk ten(. The great London ballad singer, James }. Clark, will entertain an audience in the tent, Monday evening, July 19th. It will be fall before you know it. Lots of Ann Arbor sidewalk will convince you of the fact if you are incredulouR. A horse bclonging to a Germán named Wcber, a rag man, dropped dead on Washington stroot Wednesday morning. The Ypsilanti band was awardcd the fleoond prize in the contest at Monroe laat Monday, taking $75 home with them. It wasn't liair is much fun to take away tho trees and rubbish last Monday as t was to gut and fis thcni up tho Friday previous. Rooms can be rented at very reasonable figures tor the coming few weeks in thifi city. The students have about all vanished. The ory of "grown wheat, " will bc heard in tho land if the rain docsn't ccaso long onou:h to lut the farmers secure their cropn, ._ The July meeting of the poinologioal Bocioty was held last Saturday the rooms of the society, in the court houte. The Dezter boyg, instead of squandering their funds at soda water fountains, takc the i-'irls boat riding aad let them drink river w:itcr - The reform club are to givo an excursión on the üHth or 29th of thia month to Port llurnn via Detroit, and gtcamor City of Dutruit. It k understood that the Keck furniture comjiany have found it ncuessary to cnlarge their factory to aoooiumodatn their increasing business. With the compliment of Cornelius A. Uowcr, superintendent of publio inatrucliiin, we have received the report of that officer for 1879. Barnabas Case, the father of Sheriff Case, died at Iiíh home in Manchester, last Friday night, aged si) years. He was one of Washtenaw's pioneers. If any of our lady friends have lost a charm locket and desire to recover the name thoy eau do ho by tiisHmtg O. bux 126, and proving proporty. Hy an exceedingly easy typographical errot in our last issue, the number of farms i Ijodi was gtven as 10', whcii tho numbtr Hhould have been 1 93, The farmers now a-days have much roitw)ii tcuMimplain of the "catahing" weaOier, making it rather difficult for them to securo l'öir liay and wheat orops. Wm. A. (JlarK r':oeived hid oomtuission p''al cenjauw cnumcrator last Wudnes¦' 'y, und will eommeiKM activo operations ' bouu a.s lie reccivos lii blauks. Tho gra- uiion the court house square which County Clerk Clark han hoen work'¦R so hard to keep in good shapu was uot lilpud any by tho crowd Saturday. -- Monday loiu tho legal holiday, all the banks, barhr nliops, saloons, and % few Im.iint't htwa, wi-ircl.,-,1 in honor uf thr event ; as was also thu postoffici: for a time. The court house was a great attraotion to tlio thousands of people in our city last Saturday. They visited nearly every room which worc all thrown open for inspection. The Coubtkr is indobted to tlo Ilillsdale rowing club for a complimentary ticket for their second annual regetta, to be held on Baw Boese lakc, July 28th and 29th, 1880. A barn in the fourth ward, the property of Hyrou Green, caught fire Sa(urly night, it is tuppsed from a aky roeket, but was extinguished before gaining much headway. Justice Winegar has coninienood his J. I'.'.-; dutics by exorcising clemency toward "li(juid enthusers." lie will probably get hardenod to business before his term expires. One team will draw away dirt froni our streets while another haula it on. Why woukln't it be oconomy to transfer the gutter dirt to the road bed from whence it eamc ? Laat Monday evening being tuo first in the month, the regular meeting of tho common council should have ooourred, but tho members there of were bo patriotic that they failed to meet. The annual excursión of company A is being arranged, and will oceur about July 28th. The route this year will be entirely different from any heretofore taken and present far greater attractions. Five freight ears and the caboose were thrown from the track just thia side of Ypsilanti, on Friday night last at 12U5, by u niisplaeed switch, thus delaying train.s considerably the next morning. A fishing party went out yesterday morning to Strawberry, Base lake, etc. to bc gone the remainder of the week, the party oonsistiui; of Chas. S. Fall, Chas. II. Manly, Kd. Walker, and J. W. Hamilton. The Hangsterfer restaurant took in $6(X) lust Saturday, the largest nmount we understand ever taken over their counters in ona day. It will be remembered that it is run strictly as a temperance restaurant now. llegent Cliuiie bas been appointed superintendent of the new museum building at a salary of $2. 5Ü per day for actual time spent. A most excellent appointment, and one which will redound to the benefit of the uuiversity. There bas been a great demand for hands in haying and harvesting for the pant fow days, and any person at all inclined to work could secure from $2 to 3 per day. Thero is no uced of tramps in Michigan for a few weeks, at least. Not a pound of ioe to bc had in Dexter, we are inforiued, so the roses don't i'ude from the cheeks of her lasses by having their dear bodies congcaied with the swi-ets of ioe cream ; and the boys' pockotbooks are oonseuuently growing in oontents. w m w - - Next Sabbath afternoon, at 3 o'clock, the temporalice meeting will be held in the tent, whirh is pitcbeJ in tho rear of the Ann Arbor Agricultural Cu.'s The speaker will be Prof. W. N. Ferris, of Batt'e Creek, 3aid to be very oloquent. The entiro absence of anything that even squinted at politica upon tbc cclcbration last Saturday, shows how the American people can throw aaide their feelings in this line, and joiu their neighbors in anything wliich contributes to the common good. Re. R. H. Steele, D. D., of New Brunswick, New Jersey, will occupy the pulpit of the Presbytorian church next Sunday, both in the forenoon aud evening. He is reputed an oloquent divine, and those attending will doubtless hear an excellent The Dcniocrat claims that a ring has been formed by a few demócrata of this oity, and advises the party to look out foi and cruHh them in their attempts to appropriatc all of the fat offices. What ! a riDg in tho democratie party? How it astonishes us I The following tem appeared in last Saturday'a Evening News : "A party of 22 medical students from Ann Arbor, loft last night on the steamer Champlain, of the N. T. Co. 's line, for Chicago ; among them wure two young lady medies, Miss Henderson and Miss Myers." The Muskegon Chronicle has this item : "Mr. C. M. Gayley, for two years principal of our high school, loi't Saturday for New York, where ho will visit a rolative and go from there to Europe to spend the summer. Next year Ue will toach in the university at Ann Arbor." The house of Adolph Kemper, on Fifth street, near the depot, caught üru in somc unaccountable way, last Saturday night. As tlio fire was upon the roof it is supposed to have originated from fire crackers or firo worka of some sort. C. Mack, paid $12 in&urance for the damage done. One of the pleasant events of last Saturday was the serenade given the Courier office by the Ypsilanti and Chelsea banda. That tho musio was of a superior quality it is ncedlcss for us to state, as their reputation would guarantee that, and that the compliment wan duly approciated the gentlemen coinposing the different organization are fully assured. Tho common council proposes to enforce the ordinaco relative to putting down ncw mdewalks, aud no longer have it said that this fair city is a disgracc to the state in this respect. If the oity should bc called upon to pay for a few broken limbs at tho ratc of $5,000 or $10,000 apiece, th wiser oconomy would bc found in forcing people to rebuild their delapidatod walks. Protection hose company went to Btttlu Crcek last Saturday and competed for the prizes oflered for the beat time in running 40 rods, layiag 200 fect of hoso, attauhing the same to a hydrant and putting on nozzle. The Union hose oompany of Hattle Creo-k took the first money, $75, time, 42 seconds ; and the Ann Arbor boys took the seoond prize, $5f, making the time 45 ifioonds. .___ One notioeablc feature of the oelcbration last Saturday, was the few intoxioated pcoplo to bc met with. There wero a few to bo uure, but in comparibon to the immense crowd, and with formcr occasiona, it wu rcmarkable. It shows platnly that a hoalth temporáneo sentiment ia growing, and tha peoplo are finding out that tliey oan enjn tbemselvea much botter without "fillin up" with li'iuor. The larrc tent of Com. Fiak has bee purchaHcd by the red ribbon club, the bar gain being ooiu'luded Wednesday aft(ir noon. Thcy paid $800 for the tent, n paid cash down $450, which had been reis cd by subscription, and gave threo notes one for 30 days, ono for CO days, and an other for 90 days for the balance. Ovt ffiOO have already been subscribcd for th enterprise, which spoaks well for the libcr ality of our people. Tho politioal partic will undoubtedly rent the tent for the meetings tuis fall. The alumni aasociation of the department of medicine and surgery elected thr llowing offiocrs last week : President, . II. Bartholomew, M. T)., '5", Lansing ; ice-prosidents, Wm. Brownell, M. D.,'52; ?. M. Oaklcy, M. D.; Ocrtrudo Banks, L D., Detroit; J. 1'. Stoddard, Muskcgon; r. J. Groves, Throc Rivera ; sncretary, Dr. ohn Kapp, Ano Arbor : troasuror, Dr. 'restan B. Kose, Ano Arbor. Iaët Monday, whilo taking down tho treet deeorations of the 4th, tlio rope of ong evergreen festoon spanning the Street 'rem Krause's leather atore to the store opjosite, slippod in the hands of the boy holdng it, and trippcd hh feet out from under ïim, setting him down pretty solid just on ie outer edge of the oornice. It was as arrow an escape as could possibly be imgined, and the blood eongoals in the boy's eins now, just by thinking about it. The Evcning News state items man, Gil. Osmun, is a" lire editor aud dishes up a eadablo column every day, and we shall ot question the source from whence he btains news. But we do protest against eading tho very same news items in no ess than 15 or 20 of bur 160 exchanges, ach oue claiming them as original. We an stand reading them a few times, but when it comes to a regular diet, they beome stale on the eighth or tenth round. Tbo clection of Dr. lióse, a short timo ince, to the position of treasurer of nis egiment, and, again last week, as treasurer of the Medical Alumni, is sufficient proof of the finn confidence that his ooniades, uot only in anus but in medicine, ntertain in the Doctor's honesty and inegrity. Such testimoniáis speak louder hanwords; and coming, unsought by him, 'rom thosc who know him best, re strong obukes to those who sought to sink him u order to cover their own rascality. Last Saturday evening Frauk A. Koss, one of the uuiversity stuiients, left this fity 'or his homo in Terra Haute, Ind. Thore is nothing very startling in that fact, but that lio chose for bis mode of conveyance a standard Coluuibia bioyole, for a ride of 550 milos, is a little unusual. He went via Toledo, Columbus, and Day ton, Uhio, Ivichmond and Indiauapoli, Ind., and expected to make the trip in ten days, averaging 55 miles per day. Tho bioycle is rapidly oouiing into favor, and will at no distant day be iu quite general use undoubtedly. - Aid. Besimer in council meeting last Wedntsday night, exprensod somc exceedingly sensible views respecting tho money annually thrown away on the streots of our city by having no general grado established. Each man worked on his own hook, and according to his own ideas, regardless of what hd hortitnfore been done or what wan lieing done by otlier omccrs. Hia idea was that a general plan ought tu be made, and that the wotk done encli year should be done in accordaocc thorewith. By so doiiiK tuero is no doubt but huiiis of nioney, ncedlessly expended oach yoar, could be saved to tho city. The niembers of company A report a vory un; time at Monroe last Monday, wberc they went to help tho people of that place celébrate, and to compete for the prizes of $150, $75 and $50 offered to the best drilled military companies. The oommitteo awarded tho tirst prize, after considerable hesitation, to thc Detroit Light Guard, our boys taking second nioney. The üiombers say they are perfectly satis tiod with thc decisión, but aro ready to enter into anuther oontest with the Detroi company at any time. Much praisc i accorded thc Monroe people for the tip-to] manner in which they entertained thti visitera upon that day. Jacob IJ. Binder, of this city wet with a serious accident last Tuesday night, while dressing a ealf at hts slaughter house down the river. In sonie way theknite with whiel he was at work slipped, hitting htm in the left leg and severing an artery. Binder, i u 8aid, pid iittle or no attention to the wound until he bogan to feel faint from los of blood, when he jumped into his wagor and drove up town. He saccoeded in keep ing up until he reaclied a friend s house, in front of which he drove and hallooed fo help, and then faintcd froui the loss o blood. Help wus immediately. callcd au the flow of blood stoppod, but wc loarn be is still in a critical condition. Soine of the dry gooda stoies of tliis oity have entered into un agreement to close their plaoW of business at 8 o'clock p. m. Saturday nights exoeptod, coiumencing witl next Monday, and onding September lOth A forícit of the ice tream for all the propri etors and employés of the stores entering into tilo agreoment, will be cxacted from the first oue fouud breaking it. The firm entering into tuis aro Mack fi Sohmid Bach & Abel, Wines ft Worden, D. F Sohairer and D. Fantlc. The arrangemen is an exceedingly coinmcndablc one, and de serves to spread among all our merchants Thc trado which is obtained after 8 o'clock excopt on Saturday nights, doesn't pay fo the gas consunied, while thc.timc given to employés by early closing would in man instances bo of great value to them. üno of our most excellent city divine remarkod to us thc otber day, that a min ister's position and an oditor's were siini lar. Both wcre obliged to accomph'sh s muoli work, which must be of a oharactc to tho pcoplo, no matter in wba state of mind or body either might be He might have added that an editor i also expected to get everything precisel; correct, down to tho minutest ininutia, an if hc happens to be tuisinforuied, or una voidably makes an error, ho has some on after him with a sharp stick prodding him without stint for his apparent bcedlessncss If any of the peoplo who sit in a congre gation and critiïise the sermón unmercifully, or in reading a paper harshly condemn tho editor, would only exchange places jutt one toctk, thuy might, possibly, loar how vcry much eaaier it is to critizise other than to perform the work propcrly thom sclvei. TA3IOAJ13 J!A The wool market has not been excited a all sincc our last report, and about th same oíd priccs predomínate, 'i' @ cents for average grade. Extra Qne fleocc may bring 40 oents, while extra poor tnigh possibly bc sold at M oent. Messrs. Mack & Schmid havo purchused borne 50.0ÍX) ItM at these figures, and Bach & AbeL up wards of 30,00 tbs. A ncw buyer, Mr S. Wood, is in the market, and has purchased about 15,000 pound at thc same general priccH. The laf Bostou circular givcs these qiiotations o Michigan fleeccH : " The sales includo 50, 000 Iba oíd Michigan it 41 e; 200,000 lt new Michigan, to urrivc, at 40 c; and 60, (KMI tls now Michigan, to arrive, at equa to 39ic r1 "'" Viom the general outloo wc are not inclined to bolieve that anythin will be gained by holding on to tho clip but on the contrary that all wooleti fabric munt drop, and if they do wool will dru witli thom. But this is meroly uur opin ion, and can be taVen or not. The Ypsilantian aecuses our oensus numerators oí' enrolling al! the students d attendance upon the university, and the Ann Arbor papera of grumbling becauao ley had no moro to enroll. We have yet o sea the tirst syllablc of a grumblo over ie reporta of the oensua enuuiorators' work in this city, by any of tho Ann Arbor apers, and if the said enumcrators havo nrolled any of the students who were not osidents of tbis city they havo broken uur oath of office, and lied about it beide?, whioh we don't beliove, as thoy are ach and evcry one of them above suspiion in this this respect, and people of the trictest integrity. Ann Arbor is perfectly satisfied with hor gradual but aolid adanceincnt, and does not care to howl ovor tie returns, as do other cities, without eauso. Now, we do not acouso the enuïerators of our neighboring city of violatng their oaths or of being diahonest men. ut if they have been it has availed thum ittle, for the total population of Ypsilanti oots up 4,907 ouls, whilo n 1870' there were 5,471. The solving of the decrease nd its cause we leave to the Ypsilantian.