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American Flour

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An American gentleman writini; to the Am. Kxporter f'rom llavre, unJor a recent date, incntious the f'act that tho importa liniisi.l' American fleur is on Uie inoreaue in t o BYanoc, :ind is steudily growing u f'avcr, 'J'liat houio of the Fronch flour px nerts are nut very jood judges of flour ia ¦ut IVdiii tlieiullowini; incident : li;.jlv samples of llour sent trom an interior liin to Havre, wero submitlud as !:-( AhiitÍcmm fluur, amonK othort, to a Frenen broker in Paris, who, af'ter a carelul examinalion, lixed the American Üonr at a much Inwer (tiotation than any oí' the best Prenoh flour; gubwqoentl; thia .same Amcriean flour was placed among the best Frenofa samplen (all the samples this time being rapposed to lic l'Venrli). Af'ter ex aminatimi. the Amorican sample was pick'ed uur as being the bust ot'ibe best l'Yench (loiir by (amung others) tho same broker who had pivvionsly friven it (when laU ied American flour) a place inferior to the best J'Yeuch flour. As tbc aeul to wkuiu it w:;s Mnt was present at the examinalion in tin' office of the Ameriein Import and Kxport Aency, he speaks witli autt'ority on the nntter, and le.ives npplioatioo of the "rosa smelling os sweotby any other name " to otilara The admixlurr of American white tnaizo with wheut fleur in larely on tbc nercano in Krance. Nearly all the ordinary bread lis maize Olized wil ti the flour.