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Dr. S. Whittier

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NO. 2O4 EAST WASHINGTON STREET, CHICAGO, ILL. FOlt SALE HV II. J. BKOIVN O., ANN AHHOK, Mft-100!t-OW The Jliy Kallwuy Compuny or iiii -uro worki 1,70o Bortei Itt-ad what Vu' riiiliiul. ui 4ufri-N ha l Nity : We use exolusively Whittier's Linimont. It will pay all owners o' horsos (o cali or write. M. W. 8QÜIRE8, Sup'fc C'. ('. R. Co. The Er- Company workw 37O Horm, KcikI wluu SuirtitIcikIviiI KiiíkIiI lui lo ay : I have been usine Lininicnt on the horses of tlie Americau and United Otates Kxnress Compapy stal.ks ('or 24 yeurs. I uuver met auy that had one tcntli the ment of Wnltliör'ö Liniment. Our stiibles are open. ('all ;ind nee for yoursclvos II. KNIGHT, Sup't. U. 8. Ës. („. Tilt; TmiiNlVr dnipaii) of Cliioutfo work 7H 1 IIoi-hvk. Kfiul whul n. OI(. A O. lavc lo mij: 124 Michigan Avonuo. - Wliitticr's Liniment should be in every barn. It has roal nicrit. THe contraclor for cleanlQK r cHf work s-n iiorx s. llvar wlial . T. llOTC'IIKIft.S A CO. liave lo xuy : Wliitticr's Jjiniuient will euro more horses in nne day thati 11 Uikmt in a month 0. 'I'. HOTCFfKISS & CO., 8treet Okwiitf CoBtmton. s-iai-lii's, ïr ast-d Reet, Tlirnoli, Gal led iois trom any eaaae, beal ii in rom iwo lo li iiIíoiik, iumI yon can work lli liorsc cicij la, and joh eau euro Ilim at Ihc -nmv llnu-. Il iill oul all iiiflaiiiiiialion in a te' inonu'iil. There is no Remedy on Earth that Equals Whittier's Liniment for Rheumatism. II wtll the Mime Hcl npon Ifee lm man. Pftos, Srrofuln, Seald llcad, alarrli, linitlcü or KIoKImh on Face or Kol..oi.l Sorcít, or !'ili Hls. ONLY 5O ClTSTTS J BOTTLE.