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I he iollowmg account ol a recent duol shows the pruvailing sentiment of' the suuthern people in respeot to tbat relict of barbarísm, the duello. lt shows, alt-o, that when a decent person is lorciid into anything of thé kind he is nlways killed, while the dirty dog escapes uninjured : OAMDEN.Kershuw eounty, B. C, July 'i- The 5lh oí July In tliis county was signálized by a daca, lo whleh Col. Wm. M. Bhannon, a prominent and highly respected lawyer ot' C&mden, over 00 years of ajre, was Uilled almost iustantly. The tra resultad trom á quarrel growins out ot an oíd lawsnit, and the frlends of the murdered man bave aome reason to complain tliut lie iis deliberately Uounded to his death. lie was opposed to duaHng on prlncile, and luid refused one challenge íenl to hiin on account of the üuneqnarrel, but was alterwards jroailed to madnesa by liis adversary in thisiliul, and challengcd hiin. The coinplicütions leading to the fatal neetlng began over a year ago, when a man named Weinges bronght suit for ilamages against another named Ellerbee, for lujare to the pefson, whlch lie datmed to reoeived at the latter'n hands. Col. Shannon and Capt. W. 1. Depaa were the attorneya tor Welngee, and thcy succeeded in erctiiiifí a judgmeni agttlnsl Kllerbee for 2,000. It was Uien discoveied Unit all of Bllerbee'i property was held by the-wlfe of Col. E. B. Casli, on a mortgage, and there was nothlng tu satisly thc judffinent. Col. Shannon and Capt Depaa aecared evidence lo Bliow that the mortgage wasafrauduleiit one, and had hoen given brtheexpreea puipose of evadlng Uie judgment, and toe reaolt oí their effirt8 was to have the mortgage set Mide ou the giound of ltiral fraud. The . eviilcnce on wliich Uii.s aetion of the court w;is taken bore somewhat strongly against the repntation of the wife of Col. Cash, and he determined to have revenge ou the two lawycrs who had unearthed it. He is notorioug all over the stute as being vcry quarrelaome and revengeful, and he and his son havi' been engaged in several duels before thi one. lt is toid of bim thut a lew yuars ago he MlOt and killed a man uho approacned hU house to sollcil aid, and failêd to halt when commandi-d lo do so. lic arranged with Ellerbec to eall out Shanntra and Depas. Ellerbee accordinfly ehallenged Col. Shannon to flght bint, bilt the old gentleman refuseil on tlie ground that duellng was against the law of the state as well as his principies. Cash challenged Depa. and his challenge was accepted. By some means a kuowlfuge of the eontemplated duel reached the ears of the authorities of C'amden, and wariants were issued for the arrest of Cash and Depas. Cash managecl to evade capture, bilt DepM was airested, and gave bonds to keep the peaee. These proeeedings ended the matter lor that time, and the all'air of honor betweeu Cash and Dcpas was declared " ol!" ( asii was now more enraged than erer, and profeased to believe that Col. Shannon had intorniecl the authorities of the propaeed duel. lle pottsd the old gentleman as a coward, who had sullieil his wife'a name' and tlien uMused to her husband the saii-taetion du to a gentleman, 'l'he old gentleman proteated that he had done no wronjí to Airs. Cash, but whereverhe went the vile epitheta applied to him by liieneniy reaehed his ears. Finally, goadcd almost to desperation, he sent a challenge to Cash, who immediately accepted it, and named pistols as the weapons, and yesterda}- as the time. The two met at 2 o"clock yesterday afternoon at DuBoi's bridge, which crosses Lynch's ereek between Kei shaw and Darlington counties. lt wil oommon rumor in the mornlng, along the line of the Kershaw and Darlington railroad, that the meeting was to take place. but no steps were taken to prevent it. Col. Shannon, the chaHenging party, fired lirst. He wa-i nervous, or possibly did not want to hit his enemy, and the ball from his pistol struck the ground near Cuh'a feet. Cash then raised his weapon and taking delibérate aim, sent a ball dtrectly through Shannoirs hcart. The old man droppek dead without a struggle, and Cash walked from the ground aml dlsappeared. He has not been heard of since. tol. Shannon leaves a largo and dependent fainily. He was a man of hij eharaeter, and so liberal with his money that, ÜlOUgb be bad a targe practlc, he leaves no prop i rty UelUuO liim.


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