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The Nude In Art

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The Kev. Dr. Crosby uttcred a TÏgorooa protest in the Christian at Work Wgtinat tbc node in art. He made pomu very struiig points when he said : (Joil h:is clearly shown u-i thnt the uuman body is to be covcrud. Art oODpee lorwnnl :ind deduS in direct O&poñtíon to God, that the human body shall be stark nakeJ. (Jhristians louv.' God and follow art. Then whcn we toll tlioso Chnatians tbat 'lu-' arc aidin; vico, thcy ridicule our verdancy, and cali on the world of' culturo tojoin thom in the launh. It is uot the qucBtioD whrthcr it is pos sible to have a white marble nudity thnt would be nure to every pure mimi. To that all will nree. Bat the practical question of' to-day lor ChristiaM to astUa u bofore Uod and llis word is whcihcr thry can approve of naditica in cvcry degrae m color to reprefnat life, and in every attitude of wantonnesH- whi'ther in the name of' art ttaev ota meddle with sucb filthy subject." as Leda and tlic swan, Danae, Venu and Adonis, etc, and not be dcfilcd. The French schaol of art lias a faculty fur putting vire i'orward in voluptuous and attr.utivc furuil to the young, while the moral (if there be any, as in the " Prodigal Son,) is aluiost bidden in a corner. Aod this Frenen sohool is now the faahionablo one lor Auierican Christians. Beaiddf the seductivo influences of tliese obsceoities upon our youth, we are to remeuiber that every nude pictured témale presupposes a nude real female sitting before tbc artist as his model. The itumorality of tbe business every one who has read the history of art knows. Has it come to this, that the Churoh of Christ iá ready to break down the barriera which separated it froui the licentious world, and to adopt R (jroek culture in tbe place ol Chrittian othics? French art and the theatres are doini; all they can to proinote loose notionsof' the relations between the BeXÓI and to Bteep society in immorality. Somc easy-going Cliiistians are being caught in the snare. It is fashionable to admire indecencies, and Chri.-tians wish to lie uhionable. It is now hard to convict our low, ob,-cone theatres bet'ore thecourts, bccause tbe pica is that the respectable theitera have the same obueenitiei, and Christian motbera take their daughters to th' in


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