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Incidents Of The Wreck

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Many painf'u! incident-' cnnnected witli the liiirning óf the Seawanhaka are told of the survivors. John Ilcnry Baan rowed out in a sniall boat nuil savod nine persons. A iromaD on the stern, her clothing blazing np tioreely, was buiding a little girl about four years of age by the arui over the gaard rail ready to drup it into the water, lts ulothing hadjust ignittd and the child was screaming loudly. Bush caught the child by the leg, and das-hing ioto the water, quenched tlie flames, and drairged it into the boat. He tlien louked for the uiother, but she had sunk down on the deck, roMted alive. Ho picked up two wuim.Mi of ftbool thirty yeurs dresse.d in black, wearing gold watches, and tried to ïenuhcitate tliem. Tliey died before he reaehed the ibore. A hoatman saw a luother at the rail with two children, one about four years the otuer an infant. The mother StOÖd slirieking for help, secruingly entirely crazed, holding the youngest child to her breast, the eldest suspended over the water. A boatraan rowed up caught hold ot the older child and saved her. He called to the mother to jump over with the other child, but she had only lef't the boat when she feil dead into the water. Another mother and child were seen aliuost exaetly in the same position on another part of the boat, who niet exaetly the same fate. Human nature in its büeat aspect trU -trong to assert itself'. C.ipt. George Chase, who hastened to tho aid ot' the passentiers in his i-team yacht, and rescued about 4D of them, sayi he heard men in row boats bargaining with the drowning on terma of their rescue. Some of those whoni be -aved acied nearly as badly. One woman begged him to put her on land, while other pastengers were etruggling in the water all around him. In contrast with the cowardice shown by some men the noble conduct of tnany women was noticed. Two ladies seeing an aged gentleman of about 80 years, with only one arm, put life pre-ervers around him, so that he escaped death. Many people lost all presence of inind and acted as though bereft of their senses. One of the crew states : "I saw a wouian with a baby right in the midst of the fire. She did not do anything but bcreani. She was being burned slowly, and feil on her knees with her face turned upward and hands clasped around the infant. I soveral who jumped into the river struck by the paddie wheel. In the hight of the confusión an elderly woman pushed up to me, threw her arms about my neck, and kissed me. ' Young man,' said she, tearfully, ' I want you to save my satchel, for I'm a going to jump into the river. ' I took her satchel, and then, when her back was turned, tLrew it into the water. One man fairly crazed, clung to the rjetting under the whecl-house, where the firft r=J naai liurtu-ly. I loutod to him to let go, .-aiiig, 'We will save you:' but he did not appeai to oomprehend and was literally r t ted alive."


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