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Got Even With Them

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"Why, Georgo, how you are gettiog along?" said ono yonog man to another in i'ront of the New Ürleans postoffice the other (iay. "Splendid ! Never had so uiuch fun in al] niy life," was the answer. "llow's that, (reorgo?" "Well you Me. Ned, after I lost niy aituation all my frieoda lelt. me and uaod to pass by without even recognizing me. I was determined to got even, so I circulated a report among them that I was the fortúnate holder of one half of a lottery ticket that liad just drawn a big prize." "Did it take." "You jnst bet it took! Why, in two days timo I received no less than a dozen invitations from fellows whom I hadalmost forgotten. I was presented with two suits of clothes, tour new liats, two dozen umbroidered pocket handkerchiefs, a silk urnbrella, a beautiful amethist ring and a bandeóme p;iir of gold slonve-buttons. I visited Spanish Port five times, took one trip to the jetties on the (Jaonun and borrowed, all told, $150 in United States currency. Did it take? Well I should siuile."


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