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Saugatuek wants u grist mili Menomineeia lHTO, 1,895; in 1880, 11,918. Berrten oosnty report a hu erop ol black berrit-s this year. 3agtflM county has 60,(Mio inhabitants aecording to the latent census ügures. Midland desires railway cennecirn with Bay City, and wjri he i.s bound to have it. A Bve-year uld child of' Rov. Mr. Rolle, oí' Muokugon, was drowued ly falling itito a cistern on the 3d. A now Presbyterian church is to Ik; huilt in Detroit, on the corner of Joscpb Cumpau and Clinton avenues. Whortleberries in Grand Traverse county this year are iiumense. The erop is estimated at L'00,000 bïishels. Kalamazoo village has about 12,100 inhabitants, and the county ha 34,445, including the asyluiu people. Tlie eolored people of'. Allegan county are to celébrate emancipation day Sept. 23d. A barbacuc is to be a leading feature. The Hrush eleotric light is now in use in Detroit stores. D. M. Ferry estiuiates a saving of' $500 per jEar over gas in his store alone. The Hon. I. M. Crane, who was recently eent to the Pontiac insane asyluui, has returnud to Laning umch intproved in health. A seven year old boy of Mr. Houghton, of Marshall, was drowned in a eistern June 28th. Mrs. II. lost her husband unly abuut two weeks belbre. Puntiac was visited by a terrible storm last Friday which blew down standiui; crups, destroyed gardens, and raised the " Old Nick " generally. The Kast Sainaw Ilerald charges that the census of' Bay City is l'rauduleiit, and that that city has not as uiany tnhabitants as the eiiumerators report. Mrs. Karl Whaley, of' Algtniee, Branch county, was shot recentiy by a pisiol f'alling ('rom a nail and strikiug upon the floor in such a Uiunner as to fire it oif. F. F. Hyatt a wealthy aian of Fhnt and president of the first National bank of that place, has been removed to the Pontiac asyluui f'or the insane, for treatment. J. P. Thompson, formerly secretary of the state ain cultural society, aud a well known writer on agriculturai topics dicd at his home in Detroit ou Tuesday of lac week. The number of imuíigrants who entered the United States at Port Uurou during the year ending June 30, 1880, was about 95,000, over 70,000 of whom catue froni Canada. A lad named Albert Duna was drowned in the St. Clair river, at Port H uron last week. With aome otherboya he was bathinij, and got over the chunnel bank. He is the third boy his parents have lost by drowning. Eugene Duolittle, of'Roxand, Eaton county, was t'üund dead n bis wheat field a f'ew days ago. It is thought he was killed by a horse which he was endeavoring to drive f'roin the field. Howell ia more than doublé the lin of any other town in Livingston county. It has increased over 40 per cent, in population sinoe 1870. It now has 2,076 inhabitants. The county has 22,097. The Hillsdale boat crew have again " scooped " out the crowd, tuis time at the national regetta at Philadelphia. It about settles their olaim oi' beiog the chatupion four oared crew of the oountry. All the rolling stock of the Michigan Central railroad is in use, transpurting an unusual ainount of' freight and passengers. The latter traffic ia very heavy, and was last month largely increased by thu carrying of 6,696 immigrant. If' you can' t stand the burdensome taxation of one-eight of' one percent., on what you are worth, once in four ycars, tbr the of' keeping the strcets and sidewalks in repair, sell what tbou hast and et thee to an ludían reservatiou. - Pcwamo l'laiutl caler. The coming brigade enea in pineut of state troops will be held at Kalamazoo on Au gust '.'th. The location is said to be a very pleasant and convenient one, and Kalamaaoo people are very much rejoiced over it. The entire state luilitia of three regimentó are to be enoamped there. There is a man in Decatur who onco owned .seven houses and Ion in town, two farms within a few miles, and convenienoes to correspond. To-day he has a little house and lot, working day by day to earn a livelihood. He has come to believe largely in fatality. - Decatur Kepublicao. Ingham county reporta 33,640 against 25,268 in 1870. Kent county 73,169 against 50,403 in 1870. Lenawee county 46,054 against 45,750. Barry county reporta 25,273. Macomb, 31,821 against 27,316 ten years ago. Huron county 20,000 again.-t 9,049 in 1870. Lapeer county 30,777. The Rev. R. (J. Moulton, of the Uongre gation church of Rooki'ord, bas been deposed froui the ministry, declared " unfit f'or the Christian ministry," and "thefellowship ut' the church withdrawn trom hiin as a ministor oi' the gospel." The charcos were for "drunkenness and profanity." The following is the populution of the Upper peuiusula, as reportcd in the last Negaunee Trou llerald : Marquette eounty, 25,145; Houghton, 22,230; Munomince, 11,918; Delta, 6,427 ; Schoolcraft, 1,539; Baraga, 1,79.'!; Chippewa, 4,584 ; Mackinac, 2,701 ; ilanitou, 1,370; üntouagon, 2,521 ; Keweenaw, 4,228. Total, 83 Kalamazoo Telcgraph : A tramp printer was l'ouiid in a train of the Grand Rapids and Indiana hut eveniriü, .sniue linie after it had left Fort Wayue, in a bos car. " What are you doing here? " asked his discovcrer. " I'iu looking for Charley Ross," aaid trampy. "And duu't think," Haid the tramp, " that conduutor hal the cheek to ask me to get off! " Amoug the attractions at Orion the 5th of July was the Caro femali; cornet baud, composed of 12 ladios froin II to 18 years old. They were employed by the eoinpany managing the island and reeeived $100 f'or the day 's services. It was their tir-tt eugagc ment abroad, their paraat ubje tiug to their going farfrom home. They play wil. dress all alike in blue, short drMWa, and present a fine appcaranee. Charles E. lhompson, clerk of' Huron uounty, acknowledges the recoipt of $95, the surplus of the colloetion in the republiuti tate convention to iiay for a portait of the late Senator Chandier. It will be reuuinbered that this surplus wan ordercd to be paid into the tund for the relief of' the widows and orphans of the lile faving crew who perished near Huron City, April 231 Mr. Thompson says that the money .hall be properly diatributed. John Jaekson, a widower aged 36, of Deerfield townshij), Lenawce county, met with a sad death on Suuday, tho It ii Inat. He went to Palmyra that day, drank freely, and in going home feil fïom bis seat to the bottom of the buggy, his throat resting on the edge of' the box. In this position he was found, but not in time to .save bh lite, mid thus he atraugled to death, bciug too Jrunk U move. Ili.s wife died a short time previous and he loavcs two childron, one aged 1 year.s, the other 14 months. He was reputed to bfl a hard working, rospected man.