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I lie new propnefnr and e-IItor ot the Blisnfield advanoe, f. W. Santoen, makes a very iieat bow in tlio issue ol' July 8th. The paper is tu be independen! in politice, hut i ii point ot' energy in loca! ikws, it is aa honor to the place from wliich it haÜM. Jonesville Independent: "One of our democratie f'iierids, in convers-ition a few days niñee, clased Miobigan as a doubtt'ul state. W'Ikh] uked (o explaia, be said, ' it was doubtful if the demoonta would know they had ¦ ticket in the field, al'ter election.' He a levolheadod." The Allegan TríbwM yi : " It iw't of as niiich account tliat Hancock hasn't any civil record, M it U that the democratie party, partieularly lor I luw ymn past, has a had onc. Indeed, rioee the party has beon partially in power, it hu MOOmpiiahed no great good for the country, Luí has spent a large aniount of' muuey unnecei-sarily in vain investigaron ; ha tried to get rid of laws tliat help to Meara purity of' elcction, bu shown itself' ready to yield to the deiuands ot' the south, and has appropriated, or endeavored tu pet appropriated, a great deal of niouey injudiciously, even fuolishly, fur public buildings, and alleged public improvenieuts. " The Ypsilanti Sentinel, speaking of the probable elevation of Gauibetta to the presideney of Frunce, say ; " (iarubettR, the leader of the ComiBBoista. i ¦ Htndidate for the presideney of Trance, llis nueea i oertain, and will be tpeedil; fullowed by ruvolutinn. The days of so callcd republicauisui in Frmnoe are Dumbered, and the next reaction will be terrible. What faction will come to the surlace is quite unc.-nain, tiow that the I'rince Imperial is dead ; but tiouie kiud of a revolution will iuevitably follow the elcvation of (Jaiubetta, who will oertainly bo unable, if he is not unwilling, to oppose the demanda of hia partisans, fur general plundur and oonfiscation." The [ron Herald Myt : '" It is a surprisipn faot that the oenmu returns trom portions of the interior counties of the older western states- Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois aud Wisconsin - show a decrease of population as compared with the consua ot 187U. This is accounted for by the uiauia of the past few yeais for moviug into the new stares and urritories of the farther we-t. This bas boon the "fashion" of late years - and there is abundant evidence that in a great majorily of' cases wbere farmers iu these states have ''sold out and none west," they have repented the step. A farmer who eanuot thrive in them cannot thrive anywhere. The trouble is not witli the location, but with the individual." The Tusoola Courity Pioneer says : "The south is solid and enthusiastic for Hancuck of his conduct in Texas and Louisiana after tlie war. They say lie acoeiited southern ratliei than Dortbem idea then, aud hc BH be Jepeuiled upon to do the same thiog iiaiu. The nnrthern democratie journ:ilí 1X6 sastaiiiMg this view with (Uotations (rom And'.w JohssOBi wanuly couiineudiiig Hancock l'ur his eourse. This is probably a rare way to consolidate the democratie vote, but what will be the effect upon the independent voter? Does he wish tu see the government in the hands ufa man wlimn the democrats claim is first, last, aud all the time ¦ sympathizer with solid southeru id us of the ooastitotion ? If tlicy were right in those ideas, then the war w;is nselnHR. " The Duudee Reporter Las this politieal speculation : " Mr. Gewge O. Jones writes the New York Times, and endenvors to show that if the greenbackers nlay their game well they can secure the balance ot power, and díctate the next president. lie concedes to the demócrata the olid south, Indiana, New Jersey and Conneeticut, and proposes Io divijj New York by having the icreun!aükt!i place cighteen democratie ñ tlieir ticket and seventeen republicana. In this way Mr. Jones t 1 hi1 greenbackers might throw the electiou into the house. Jones concedes too iBueh. The 138 rota trom the south, 15 trom Indiana, ti trom Connecticut, aud 17 liuui New York, will give Hancock IS" electoral votes and eleet hini. But the republicaiis propOM to earry Indiana and Conneeticut, and Gartield will have 187 electoral votes without eounting New York at all. The 17 New York vote promiscd by Jones would give Garfield 194." Keferring to the -tory of Hancock' proposed treasou ia 1876, the Saginaw Herald says : " The story that lliraiu Atkins, the editor of the Montpelicr, (Vt. ) Argus and Patriot, told at Citicinuati to the correspondent of the Boston Globe, to the effect that Gen. Hancock wrote to Gen. Sheridan, after the decisión of the electoral cmiiuiiiioo, expressiug bis belier that Samuel J. Tilden, as the lawfully elected president, was entitled to take the oath elsewhere :han at Washington, and his (Hancock's) inteption of' obeying any orders he niighi receive trom President Tilden ufter March 3, would not on its face teem exactly probable, and yet it u vourhod fot by the mo-t nfluential democrat of' Ycnuont, and Gen. Hancock 1; iiu-elf, wlien Dqaind of about he letter, told a reporter nmply that Gen. Sberidan had no such letter, and declined to say more at present. If Gen. Hanoock uever wrote any such letter, it will not take many words for hini to say si. The story ¦ not % "cauipaign canard" started by ¦ cu. Hancook's eiieiuies, but a thing that comes froui the house of his triends, and f' it is not true it il worth -omeboiiy's say so. " The Little Truver.-e Republican thustells very pointedly uiauy tblBgü vvbich are nut Liown about the democratie candidate : "Is Gen. Hancock for a protective or a ree trade tarift ? Noboily knows. K (Jen. Hancock for woman's suffrage or aguint it '. Nobody knows. [ ien. Hancock for bard monoy or soft noney ? Nobody knows. Is Gen. Hancock lor pensioniog rebel as wcll naton ioldier f Nobody knows. [¦ (ii-n. k Por civil-service reform, or for the old .laeksuiiian Bpoil system ? Nobody kiwwx. Is Gen. Hancock for public improvenents or lor a Btriot construotion of' the Xn8(ittttion? Nobody knows. Gen. Hancock tbr eontinuing the silver coinage till resumptiou will be npset, or 'or stopping it ? Nobody kuows. Is Gen. Hancock for pensiooing eveij )ody who Wrved ín tbe Mexican war, whother wounded or not, and whctliir rebol or uot i Noboily knows. b Gen. ILincock for nifoivin;; Of nulliying the amendtuents to the coii.-titution y wbieh the f'ruits of the war were se cured? Nobody knows. Is Gen. Hancock lor ooBtroliog the railini'l- umi other oomtoon eanioM by congressional legialatioa in (lu; pttbiio Dteiwt, or agaiti.-t u? Nobody knowi, 1 Qen, Banooek tbr iuintaiuing the ileotioo ini;ict or t'oi fivinir the soufh 'uil swing in Murryiiu itaelf aolid bj f'rauduent elections ? Nobody koow, (:n. Hancock for OT ag:iin-t appoiotne enough ncw dcBtocniie judgM of the upri'iiie court to upa) the war atnendments to the OODMÏtUtion and so icvivify be rebel debt ud pewion the rebel solliers? How fiii,in short, i lnriMidy to go o show bis irratitudi' to tbe ex rehels, his ate enemies in the Beid, to wbom he now HPM his noiuinatiiin, IM by whose votes e must be eleotedT Nobody knows.