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Death Of R. Beahan

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On Monday inoming last the people of ;his city wcrc surpriaed by the annouuconcnt of the death of Richard Heahan, Esq., 3n the niglit proviouu. llia dciuise was rory sudden, and was eaused by oongeation f the hrain and lunKf. Ho was uiion the street the provious Friday, apparently in perfect hcalth. Thcdeceased was born in Queen'scounty, [rcland, in 1834, and at the time of lus ieath was 46 years, 4 uionths and 23 duy.s ld. He had been a rcHÍdent of this eounty 30IUC 40 ycars, the greator portion of tho time in this city, but in the town.-hip of Northfield inhis early ycars. He has boen & citizen of considerable proniiuencc, and has held tho offices of justiee of the peace and circuit court couimissioner at different times. During the war he reeeived a captain's commission in the HthMich. infant ry, in whieh capaoity he iserved a terra of throc ycars, making a good record as a soldier. Ho was also amemberoftho Washtonaw county bar, aud that body held a meeting at the court last Monday appointed a coniuuittco to draft rosolutiins, and attended the funeral in a body, which occurred in the aftornoou of that day. Tho following are t) RESÖLUTIONS. lleêolotd, ïlmt, au we miss from anionK ih ono of llu' iiii'Kiix-rs f our Initornily, oalled houcc by rtonlh. lt beconictí us to oxprt'SH the soiiBibilIty with wbloh our hoart aio tonched and to '.untemilato the lcsson of ourcoiAnou mortullty wlilcli itsoforoibly leacluH. Heaolvtd, That we hiunl willi Burprlse an(l rogretof theHuddcn 1uIii1huoí our bnillier Rlohinl Huulinn, Kmi., oue of tlie oldest memben of tliis bar, a man of warm liearl aud ardout but Koueruux liupuluc, buarlng manfully aud long Fiin piirt wlth uu In tho BtruKglcs of the profetaIon, juni )n tlm coinpanlonBUip of profuaHioual llfu ; aud m vv part wlth hlm, m thiH livst hour we would layupon hl gravo thlH testlraonlal ol our allecllou uud ri't;"rd lor our doparted brothor. lietvlved, That wo wlll attcnd tlio funeral oí thetloooased In a body lu toUen of tlio kludly d-llns of our brothorhood. Utsulitd, Tlmt a copy of theso rcsolutlonB 1h nruu-ntod to tho clreult court Kir th mnty ol Wimlitenaw, wlth tho roquest that they bo Hprctd uou the rocords of tlie court, and that Beertlfied i-npy of tbem i pn-suutol to Uie WÍ.1..WHM.1 rinllyofthedecon80lln tOHtlniony of our Hy lupittby la tholr duup afUlcllon.