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The Webster Sunday school eonterupliitcs liaving a picnio soon. The Rev. Mr. Gay, of Cheláca, is to adlross tho lt. lt club next Sunday oveoitig. Itev. Mr. Hathaway of Jaokson, and llev. Mr. Allen, of Webster, exchanfccd pul pits last Sunday. " ir dhusi! has been auile ill for the past weck, but, we are itifiirmüd, is now BonvaleHcent. The Sunday avcninp Horvicc are disoontinued at tho Baptiat chureh durint; July and August. Hcv. Fr. Slattpry,ofSt. Josei)h'schurohi has gono to Conoy Islund, fbr a month'a ceeuporation. Wm. W hooier, aped 80 years, died last Monday. He was an old pionoer, having come to the town of Dcxter about 35 years ago. We now net six mails a day hcre- threo ea;h way, eawt and west - a new one, at six in the morning, having been addcd laat weok. Mir. VanRiper and daughtor, of St. Mary's, Uhio, fonucrly a resident hcro,was riñting friends hore. She went back this Miss Matul Moore, who last spring went to Santa Pa, is reportod niarriod to Alian Amistronf!, one of Dcxter'syoung mon who went to Now Moxieo last spring. Om of Tubbs' mulos diod last weck. Tabbt bcing an aecommodating drayman, and jioor withal, the public spiritcd eitixcns made liim u pont and now lu again drives a doublé t. -111:1. Frank Bvwrti who few weeks ugo went to Dakota and the northwoat, is again among u.-. He thinks oi' going out thero in the spring. Meanwhile wo are lad to have Frank auiong us. Jauies Hoy, the youn BM who got hurt by a hay-fork pulley the other week, which wo notiecd in our last i-oiuniuiiica tion, we understand is sinking rapidly and i.s not expectod to live. Two classes of the M. E. Sunday sehool (Mrs. Dr. Ziegenfuas' and Mrs. Rogsri') couiposed of young ladies, had a pienic at Four Mile lake ):t Wc know of no ploasantor way iu which to spend a diy those hot days, and are sure ihey had a good time. It ib unjust to tanta the ' ' Dexter boys " of makitig their girls drink rivcr water, thereby wring tiü áize of their purses. Whoever t'urnished thut item furnishod what he had no ritht to. Keal, the drug gist, inforuis me that his trade iu soda water t'ar exceeds thut of last year, and that the boys are patroniïing him better thau ever. The boys think inore oí' thoir gim than to troat them on river water. The Ladio' Librury a.-yociation is doing a KOod work for this place. They lately havo addud the ioIlowiiiK auiod bookl to tlieir Htook, makiuK in all Ü13 : " Uudi.seovrod Country," "Bmn OakMi" " House of Sovun (JablcH," " Ijouisiana," " LmI DayaofPompeii," " Der Uij Disdaa, "Charles Anehester," " lJ3," "Conquer,a lays," "üdd or Kvon," " Whitney," "At the Counaellors," " Hia Two Wivea," " Doinocracy." llov. L. P. DavU, of the M. E. ohurch, read liishop Siuipaoa's sermón oo "Is Chriatianity a Failuro V" last Sunday uight. Much as Bome may be inulined to depreoate this inothod of instructing the people, we think niany preachers ruight puraue thia plan with profit to tho ooinmunity, ii' not to thoinselves. When wo go to here a leoture, or senuon, we ozpect aonicthiDg edifying and intcresting, rather thau a rohash of'other luen's thoughts, called originality. Mis. R. C. Whiting, on the soutli Ypsilanti road, hived a swarui of' bees one ovening last weuk wbich hud bettled on a buah in tho paature. ïhe awarui was about as largo as a two quart cup. The next bush, a bunch the sizo of' a eoooaout, which was socured in anothor l'ivu. Tbo third evening ahu hived anothor bunoh fruiu tho aumi' Imsli the size of a U'ucup. The tburth evening there was a few btragglors Kit whioh ttho caged, but the nest evcniug thoy had uithcr flown away or heroïne abaorbed with the othcra. At the proéent time, the tir& threc hives are busily at work. Is therc a parallel case, and if no, what was tlie result 7 Let us hear I


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