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Record Of Drouths

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An intcresting record is that of sevcre drouths, m fmr back as tkekndiDgoi tho PUgrims. The followiiiR list abowa tlio nuinbor of days witliout rain in eaeh of the years naiiiL'J : In the nimmer of 1621, 21 days. In the sumuier of' 1630, 41 days. In the Bummcr of 1657, 75 dsys. In the summor of 1062, Si) days. In the summerof 1674, 45 days. In the suminer of 1688, sl days. In the sumnier of 1694, 62 days. In the sutnmer of' 1705, 40 days. !n iho snmmcr nf 1715. 46 days. In the suramcr of 1728, (11 days. I n tho summer of 1 730, 92 days. In the summer of 1741, 72 days. In the summer of 1749, 108 days. Ld the summer of 1755, 12 days. In the summer of 1762, 123 days. In the summer of 1773, SU days. In tlio .summor of 1791, 82 days. In the summer of 1812, 28 days. In the summer of 1856, 24 days. In tho suminer of 1871, 42 days. In the summer of 1875, 26 days. In tho summer of' 1S76, 2G days. It will bc secn that the longest drouth that ever ocourred in Aiycriea was in the Mimnier of 1762. No raiu feil f'rom the Ni , of May to the lst of September. Man; of the inhabitanta sent to England for hay and grain.


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