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Washington's Last Illness

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Tbe ccrtifieato of Drs. Craik and Dick, the pliy.iicians whoattcnded George Washington at the time of hu death, has just been uncarthed from a Georgetown newspaperof'lT'jy. It does not appear in any of the biographics of Washington. The certifícate eonclude-) thus: " lio was iully inpresaed at tliu bezinning ofhis complaiiit, as well as (hrnuh evory succccding stage oí it, that its conclusión would bc mortal ; aabmitting to the several exortions made f'or hi.i rocovory rather as a duty than frora any expoetatations of their effioacy. Ho considered the operations of death upon lus system as cocval with the diseac, and sovcral hours bcforo hi decoase, after several afforte tu bc understood, suooceded in expressing a desire that lie migbt be permittcd to die without interruption. During the short period of his illness lie economized time in the arrangement ot' suoh few concerns as requirtfd his attention, witli tlio Dtmost sorenity, and anticipated his approaching dissolution with overy demonstration of that eiiuaniinity for which his whole life has been so uniforuily and singularly conspicuous. "


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