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Another Duel Avoided

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The peoplo of Hot Springs, saya the Littlo Uock Gazotto, are very uiuch excitcd over silver mines. Thiw fact prevented bloodahed the other day. Col. Jimson and Capt Blower met ncar tbc Arlington hotej. Ai'tcr exchanginc a íew words, Col. Jimson remarked: "1 was the first man in this town who said Garfield would bc noniinated. You sec, Staadiog in wilh northem politicians as l (lid, gave me an inaight into the rosult of the Chicago convention." "Vou are mistaken," said Capt. Blower; "1 om the first man who knew that Oarfleld would bc nomiuated. " "V'nu aro wrong." "You are a liar." "You aro a black liar." "You are a striped liar." "You are a lying lizanl. " "And you aro a talsifying woodpeckcr." "No man shall cali mo a woodpeeker," excitedly exclaimed Capt. Blower. "You could cali me a yellowhammer without ininjury, but calling mo a woodpeeker 3 casting a alur on my family. " The Capt. stooped and picked up a curious looking stone and drew back to strike the coloneL "Hold on," said the colonel, "let me pee that rock. FU bet $10 there's silver in it." The captain lowcrcd his arm, and tho eolonel rushed up, took a microscope and began to examine it. "Silver, by the stars and stripcu ! One hundred dollars to the ton." Two hours later the two men had ground the rock into dust and were, as the best of f'ricnds, examining it Thero are better ways of'settling a dispute than by tíghting.


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