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Presidents And Vice-presidents Of Hie United States

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1789-97. 8 YEAli.s. a Washington, Va., President. Jolin Adams, Mass., Vicc-Presidcnt. 1797-1 SOI. 4 years. Jdiin Adams, Mass., President. Tliomas Jefferson, Va., Vice-Prcsident. 1801-9. 8 YEARS. Thomas Jefferson, Va., President. Aaron Burr, N. Y., President, (eorge Clinton, N. Y., President. 1809-17. 8 years. James Madison, Va., President. George Clinton, N. Y., yice-Prcsident. Elbridge Gerry, Mass., Vice-Pre.sidrut. 1817-25. 8 YKARS. .l;iincs Monroe, Va., President. Daniel I).Tumpkius,N.r.,Vice President. 1825-29. 4 YEAK.s. Joan (. Adama, Mass., President. .Icilai (!. Callioun, S. C., Vioe President. 1.S29-37. 8 YEAUS. Andrew Jackson, Tcnnesscn, President. John C. Calhou, S. C, Vicc-1'resident. Martín 'an Buren, N. Y.,Vicc-President. 4 YEAns. Martin Van Buren, N. Y., President. liiiliard M. Johnson, Ky.,Vice-Prcsident. 1841-15. 4 YEARS. II. Ilarrison, ()., l'resident. Jolm Tyler, V:i., iee l'res. Bwame Pn. 1S45-49. 4 years. .lames IC. Polk, Tenn., President. Oeorge M. lallas, Penn., Vice-President. 1849-63. 4 years. Zaehary Taylor, La., President. Millard FiiliiKire, x.Y., Vioe I'res. Be carne President. 57. 4 YEARS. Franklin Pierce, N. II., President. Win. K. Kinp, Ala., Vicc-Pres. (ilied April 18.) 1857-01. 4 YEAlts. Jamos Buelianan, I'enn., President. John C. Brt!okinri(]f,'e,Ky.,Vice-Pro8Ídeiit. 1861-69. 8 years. Abraham Lincoln, 111., President. (usMinatcd 1865.) Bannibal Bandín, Mc, Vico-Presijent. AikIicw Johoaon, Tenn., Vice-Preaideot (Beo&me President in 1865.) I 77. 8 YEAUS. UlysseH S. (Jrant, III, I'rnsident. Schuyler Colfax, Ind., Vioe-President. Ilenry Wilson, Mass., Vice-l're8Ídent. 1877-81. 4 yeaks. üulliorford 15. Hayos, ()., Prawjaot VVui. A. Wlieeler, N. Y., Vico Profiident. The Adrián Times advisos thosí! who went into the grcenbaek ruovoment fiír ollico to " tiidi! a'wcc": " Wuaver, tVb groenbaok nomincc f'or president, is going to labor i'or hit own clcction. Be is now in the Math liard ;it vork. Ho i- oonfl Jcnt ol' oanying at leas) throo nootbern ítatea, and one northcru, Mainc, tlniH tbrowiag the elaotion ol' president into the bonso, (rhere the greeabaoker, l)o Lt ífa lyr, Imlds tlii' li:i];uici! (if poVST. It niirlit Mwellforthe patriota wIki went into the greenbaofc party i'or offioe, (o wuit ¦ liii, and ee."


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