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J udge McCrary is now a doctor of' hm. The degree was given to hiin hy Iowa ooilego. Mr. Vandorbilt'a nuw house on fifth avenue, New York, when coniploted, will rontain paintings worth $073, 000. Miss Jennio Flood, it is roported from the west, will be uiarried to Mr. Ulysses (Jrant, jr., about tho 15th ol' November next. Mr. Horatio Seyinour, jr. , is engaged to marry Miss Abby Johnson, daughter of the late Judge A. S. Johusou, forinurly of Albany. Congressman Dwight, of Now York, who owns 25,000 acres ol' wheat laud in Dakota, has organizod a stook company for farmiDg purposes. Senator Blaino in the course of a recent spoeoh in the senate, uicntioned that although he had studied law for two years iu the office of ono of the most eminent practitioners in the United States, he had never been in court as an attorney, plaintiff, defendaut, witness or juror. General Sherman said the othor day at tho St. Anthony Falls celobration : "I hope the boys of Minnesota will nevcr get the gold fever I There ia inore gold in the f'arm.s than ia the mines. Tho men in the mountains carry a pistol on one hip and a knifc on the other ; they inake a daily living, and when the gold is exhausted they havo nothing left." The bride of' Uongressnian De La Matyr was tbrtnerly, says the Albany Express, MiWealthy Capron, of Allegan County, N. Y. While teaching in Illinois she marricd Professor James B. Sylla, who died a few yoars after. Sinoe 1867 Mrs. Sylla, now Mrs. De La Matyr, has been teaching in the Brookport normal school, and was known as a faithful and efficiënt instructor. A Washington correspondent of the Troy Times expresaos surprise to find that Frederick Douglass was hardly regarded as a representative man among the colored folks at the capital. Ilis sympathies aro said to be, to a certain increditablc extent, witli the proud white blood of his father. He ia unüko his mother's race in many ussential )articulars. Ilis wifo, howcver, is a full blooded negress, and it is reportcd, has never learneu to read or write. He engagod himself to her when in bondage, she being a freo negress of the same neighborhood, and after bis esoapo a sentiment of honor led him back to marry her. It was always interesting to moot and talk with Mr. Douglas. His grand head is now thiokly covered with snow-whitc hair, and tho ycars begin to teil on him in othcr ways. Miss Louisa M. Alcott when nearly sixtoen years ol' age went to Boston to teach. She was moOMiinil and inuch liked by her scholars. Some of these shc now meets frequently iu the stroets of' Boston - staid profesHional men with families, who always greet her with, " Hallo, Miss Ollie !" just as they did when they were rosy-choockcd urchins. But dte gavju up teaching and took to story-writinK, in which she bas been e((ually succcssful. At one timo slio oame vory near going on tho stage, and had secrectly made tho arrangemcuts for her first appearance, intending to surprise her friendí, but an untimely discovery frustratnd lier purpose. Tho histrionic talent is strong in her mother's faruily, and sho is a capital natural actress. She and hor sisters, when children, had a little stage of their own at home, with elabórate sconery and appointments made by themselves, and duriug the war she frequently took part in private performances at the littlc Tremont Thoatre for the benefit of tho Sanitary Commission.


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