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CHILDREN Cry for ritchcr's Castoria. Tliey likt l( beoftSM il is snoot ; Mol hors liko ('nsforiu hccniisc II flTM hoallli t 1 li child ; am! I'iiysicinns, bMMM it onUdm ¦ morïiliiiie or mineral. Castoria Is Nat ure's Kemeily Tui' assiuiilutiiiK tho I'imhI. ii cnrei Mimi ('olie, the nMng of Sniir ('uní umi Dlarrhmii, ull:i s l'ovorlslinoss umi kills W ui nis. Tlms Ilio ('hild lias hoallli umi (lic Mol hor olitnins rest. ricitsant, ('heup, umi ltcllultlc. CENTAUR LINIMENTS 'Vhr mout fiïectlve Pain-relioving' npi fot MAN and BEAST tho world has ovor known. Over 1,000,000 Bottloit Mold lant j .nr ! Tho reasons tlr thiti unpreccdcutcd populurit nrceviduut; ik Oentaur Xinimonts ir BUd to dosorve confldonco, tbaj are absorbed intathe Htrncture ; tlit-y always euro "' novor dinappoint. No iwrrton Deed louter huIIVt witli PAIN in tho BACK, Rhoumatism or Still Juint. lor the CENTAUR Lluimciits iill surrly cxtorininato tho I'ain. 'Hiero is no Struin, Sprain, Cut, Scalil, Biiru, llruisc, Sting, (all or Lamo.ness, to nhleli Mankind or Uniiib Brilles are subject, tliat does not respood to this Smit hint; Halm. TIic Centaur LINIMENTS not only relitvt pain, liut they incito hcnlthy actlou, tulidue iiiflamrnatioit, and aire, whctlicr "tho Ijmp tome prococd f rom wouiuls of the Jlcsh, or Neanilia of the Xervee; from contracteil Corda or a smlilrd hatul : from a spraiiud anhU: or a yashed fuot ; whutber frum dingustlng PIKFLE8 on a LADY'S FACE or a slrnincd joint on a Boru't LQ, Tlic (Vjony produced by a IJurn or Sculd ; tnortrjtcation from Knit-bitee ; Swellinqs trom Struin; ilir tortures of lihcumfttism ; Crijtplcd for tiji: liy iom6 noiili'Ctod accident ; a vdiuibU horsc or u Doctor! BUI may all bc savcd from One Bottlc of Centaur Liiiiiucnt. No llousekoepor. Farmer, I'lantcr, Teamntcr, or Liveryman, can (ifford to bc without thnae, luutuksrful Linitiirals. Tbey can be procurad in any pari of Uu globe for CO Cents and fl.00 a bottlc. Trini bottloK 1t Vaitt Swallowing FOISON íijmrts of disffustimj mucotis from the nostriln or npou the tonttft, Watery Eyea, iywjflts, BuriDS in thu Bars, Deafnesst Cnckltng MOflttioni bo Uw hrml, Intermittünt Paine over tho Eyee, Futid J!reati, Naf ui Twang, ScnbB in the Nofltrlle, and Tlckling in the Thront, are SIGXS OF CATARKII. No other siich ioathsoine, treachcroue nnd undorminiiiK malady cnrsee mankind. One-fifth of our Vküdreji die oí dlwoaceis tcneratcd by it.-" Inftctxowt Poïson, and ouc-fourtb of living men and womon drap ont miserable oxlptencce from the same cause. Wfiilt aslecp, the imimritieê in the nostrlls are iH'CCBHarily swallowcd inlo the stoniach and ïnhalcd into the hrngs to jtoiaon evory jart of the systcm. Ur. Wei De Mcycr's Catarrh Cnrc absorbs tlif purulcnt virus, aud kills t lic sceds or piiiMin iu the Cnrtliest pnrts of tlic lyttem. It will not only relieve, bul i'crluiiilj- cure Catarrh at any stago. It is the only remedy nhich, in onr jiidtrincnl, hos over yot rcally ciirol naso ofClironic Cixtarrh. Cured! Cured! Cured! Cured! Q. O. Preebury, ïrop. Wcat Knd llolel, Lon lïranrh, Cured of 2lJ year Chronlc Catarrh. S. Beulict, Jr., Jcwcler, (1117 lirodway, New Tfltk, (niember of iamily) Cnred of Chronic Oatarrh. B. H. Browu. S39 Cannl 8t, N. V., Cnred of 11 jrean Chronic Catarrh. J. D. McDonald. 710 Broadway. N. Y. (Hlsttr-in-law) Cured of -ÏU yenra Chronic Catiirrh. Mrs. John Uoughty, FishUill, N. Y., Cured of S J9ên Chronic Catarro. Mr. Jacoli Swuts, .Ir., 200 Warren Stroet, Jeroey City, Cured of 18 yearp Chícale Catarrh. A. B. Thora, 183 Uootaeae St., Brooklyn, (peil and Bon) Cured of Catarrh. Kev. Wm. Andernon, Fordlmm, N. Y., Cured or ai yoari Chrouic CaUinh. Mili'. Almeé, Opera Prima Donna, " I lutre m very great beueflt from it." A. McKlimey, IÍ. K. Pro., 88 llroad St., N. Y.: "My family eiierlenced immediate relief." &c, Ac, Ac, &c, &c. Wel De Meyer's Catarrh Cure Is tho most important Medical Discevcry si nee Vacciuatiou. It is sokl by all Drug or delivered by D. B. Dewkv ft Co., 4G Dey St., N. Y., at $l."0 a package. Tp clubs, si packagea for $7.&0. Dr. Wel n. .,.._- 1 - t. i„ „.. f,.(fl (o anjr. body. 951-1002- eow Wi PAD IS STRONCLY ENDORSEO. llfiv. K. '. L. íuunn, . al. i, ii. U., writcR - For over ten yoar I had been a graal Bnfforcr Ir.mi imins in the ginnll of the back and reeloD oi the KidncyB, which war most cxcruciiitlni.' anl ut (linea almoxt lnimilcrnhlc. Uoctorini; brom-ht no rellel and 1 was flnaliy advtoed to go abroud iiml aeefc the cninntó uf my yooth. Iu (ermmiy nnd iSwltr.crland eminent physiciaii-,ftiT clone examinatton, dedared my HiilVurlucM to armo fnmi dteeaae ol the Kidneys, ol lont: Htandini;, and could do me no goud. 1 m however, beneflted ty the cliinatc and coneeqnently returned. No sooner had 1 heen bacK and recumed my pastoral work. whon tho old trouble grew agaln o intcnxu us to mnke Ufe a bnrdcn. A (uw monttiH ao 1 carne in poaseftajon of one of Day'e Ktdnov rdn, put it uu, nnd tho cffects werc truiy wondcrful. The patna at onc! grew loca and are now, nfter wearlug the Bi'cond I'nd, cntiroly ton.!, and there can lie ii" duulit that I ain entin-ly rured, aa as I write thin some weeku aflur itn sae, aml ara etrong and lonk at'ain the vcry picture ol henlth. I wrlto t )i(h per fcctly voluntarily, and 11 in dlatated cmly bv tru'.li and entttade. Indeed,] condder the i)a Kiduy l'ad Co. (iodV OKcntB and trrat benefaetora r mankind. May all tha aonwlng be liolped ne I liavo lieiüi in my carnet wlnb." 'Ir. It.NiKirc, Sli.-iriui. ITIaV- "The doctors had given my ïuottuT u] wlili what they called liriKht'a Dixeasc. Bhe ia now wcariiiK Day'a l'ad. jamiiiL' ttr('Tii.'th, and improvini every way." Larimore A lnn. (triiuu'ists lr-, ílirh.- (SOyoars in bosJneu)- "Daj'a budnej Pad ib havine a large aade and given better eeneral hhiíbfaction tlmn my ronu-dy we erer nold." 'uNor weltaol, l'oiii'i iiiiiii. Lnnrnntcr. l'a.- "I have bi:cn (,-ruat suflurer trom KId ney complairtt, and afti'r wearing your pad -i dayp 1 foei botter than I have iu IS yearv." lr. A. J. Ntonrr, l'c-ntur, Ill. "Your Tad íh doin(; r8at koimI hem. lt dl every duy and gtTee universal aatxaftetioa.1 Fnr nale by dniKfMtn or ent by mail (fr i postago) on ri'd-ipi ol the prtca -Resrulai l'd, #3.00; Special l'ad (extra slee), :!.()0; Chlldren'a t.5D. Uur book, 'll(fw a Life wan BaveoV1 glvlng a hintory of ttilf ntiw discovcry, and a laivo rncord ol moet remarkabl onrea pftin IVee Wnte tnt it. AddrcMB, DAY IICHÍT TAD 00., Toloio, 0. P All FIOM lBK '" tho mnny worthlena onr reputalion, deem tt 1 1 1 - tho afiltetua t wam thom. AfU for Dly'r' Kilney l'ad, and lajra DO oth.T. I 'Ij 11 117 QOAL! COAL! O. W. 8HIPMAN, MIiht mul wkoiowle detlor of the MlebrAtod BRIÁR RIDGE COAL. AI - Dealer la EUnl Ooal nnd Hg Iron, Orden promptlj Illed. OIBee, U0 drixwold troot, IV-troit, room 'i. HS-10CM All about iPiPVAC 8 E N D ir. L32 1 LAÜO of the CAZETTEER & CUIDE, wbich oontaiDH full Information on all mmtura of futcrHt raUti iik to tho " Loiio StKr Htnto," nnd a now oorrcot countj map of Tozo. Í16 x 26 inebcu. JOHN ROSS t CO., GEN'L AGENTS, ST. LOUIS.MO. 1111 IITm ACENTS TO SELL TEA, W AU I aVl I ' ""' ' "'n' ""k""' ' ""¦' ' " '¦ f Uil I II rliiim.s HKSl' lul. iidiht fiv '1 "lIVolr'.ltJH..H.,i' SI I.1.U1..M1. 1013 '


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