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$100 RE WAR D ! roa any 0Ai er CATARRH TilAT CANNOT BB CÜKBD WITB HALL's ÍATMBH GURE. Thia la no hnmbu douche. No anuir, Nothlne to irrítate, the Nasal cavitv, or dc-troy Hu enne of amell. It Ie an INTRRNAL KKMKIiY. Actinc; 1'1'ON THB BLOOD, cieaustng it Irom lti iiupuritii b, causlng ihu parifonn matter to be carriori off tliroiiuh the ïmtuml channelt. It is n eientifle prepantloD, na6d and proacrlbed for yoan ly one oi the Bbiesa practltloner in tliif country, and biiy nevel fuiliil tociirc when raed acordinr to dlroction. Il any person. afti-r takinu' onp dozeu 01 llmi otovh '.irc f ii"' itti more than foor time ¦ t, wc will nrlund the inonuy p&ld. I' Lt doefl yon good, jroo an-willlng to iiy lor It. lf it Iim'k ik good, it coste yon Dothlng. Pnce f5 cent yx lxMe. Siiid ly uil drHKgisUi Miiiini-icinrcd ly F. .T. ('IIKNKY &OO., I)rn.-:'t-, ToIimIu, oliio 11 yoiir dr . ip il in ¦!ork. ilsk l'im to üet i! I'!1 ymi, or 'r.d direct to ptoprietors, and i wil tur promptly forwarded. .! ni Aun Arbor by II. .1. BBOWR & CO., W MOl. Oor. of Umin and Ihiron St. AMERICAN RAI I Rl HF THIS IS THE BEST BLUEIE lasr itse! IT IS NOT POISONOI's: HELI'S BLEAClUXi; and GIVES A BEAUTIFÜL TINT! SÊ-For Sale by all Uiwcrs. jgj American Ultramarine Works, 55 lliihlin I.iino. cv York. W2-lyr H TH E 0 N' L Y M E ÖiciNEb J Tbat Acts at the Same Time on E, 2 THE LJVER, 1 THE BOWELS, E J and the KIDNEYS. f t Tbesfi frrcat organs aro tbc natural cle&nn. 1 i J erooi the syitein. lttliey work well. ïiealth K B wlll be perfect: tf tbcy becomc cïojfged, M 'I dreadf ui (llaettsei aresarc to followwitU ma i TERRIBLE SUFFERING. ê 6 Blllonsnnn, Hi-adach", Dypep ia, I dice, Constlpatlon and nies, or ¦ M noy ComplalnU, Grarel, Diubotos, Sediment in the Urine, Mllkjr ¦ or Itopy Urine; or Bhcomatlc Pain anrl Achea, ' ¦ are derf loped bccanso the blood ts poisonpd Ir .g wltti the humora tbat shoulti bare been Lf ¦ cxpellud n-iiurully. I KIDNEY-WORT % wiii roRtoro thetacnitbr action and all thene H d ¦ichtroj ing cvlls will bc bamshed ; noglocr Wi h them you wil! Itvc but to bufTor. r-.¦ Tbouands have been cured. Tryltrtníyou K 1 wtHiuld onc Tiioro to tbe number. Take it ffl ¦fl andhfaUDwillonccmorügladdcnyonrlieftrt. f Why uffer lonRerfrom the torment Bi ?2 of an nohtng back ? U Why boar uoh dtstrose frem L fl sttnclon anU Pl'ec? I Why be ao foarful bec;.uoo of m fl ordored urine ? i niiN!?T-WoKT will cnro yoti. ;., W aj?: at once and be sr.i,isfi 1. M ïtma dry vegetad te eomiNwnd ¦ OnorarkaemakesftlirjT'pr; B l'oifr Drtt0nit kaê g Tnu. T-ir.iit utoii hat híj ii. I " WZU4 noEivrn w 954-lUOS-ch !¦ w Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure. ? (.fbrmcrly Dr. Oraig's Kidney Ctre ) A Tocptablu preparntlun and ibe onlv anro ; rfwaiHty in tfie world for lii lulii'. l(i„.ii, Teatlmouiala or tlio hlghct order In proof of these statementa. " For the cure of niabeto. cali for WurBer1! Rar DlalwM 'ure. r.,"ï"or the cnro or Ilrleht' and tho nihcr 2ÏÏfïïvS'iLw"r" Sare Kiu-' i WARNERS SAFE BITTERS. It la thebestHlmxI Purlürr. and stlmnlnto very function to more healthful aclluu uud la ttaua benefit in all dlseasei. It cures Srronilons and othcr skin Krap. J?T"JÏPï!0' W"" Of the Stomnoh, Ity. etc, are cured by the Nnfe Biltvra. It la unoqualed as an oppetlier and regiilur tonie. liottlcs of two sizes ; prlces. OOo. and S1.0O. WARNER'S SAFE NERVINE , Qulckly Ktves Rest and Slpop to the suffe. Inr cures Hradache and Nouralla, prevent :pllpplc Fita, and relieves Nrrvoiis !!- tmllon brought on by excesalve drink ovurworlt, mental sbeelu, nnd other causes. . Sv!írjri" " ll '" "' Blon Pln and soothe dliturbea Nerve, It never injures thu syatum. wtiether taken In nmoll or lamo doses. Jiottles of two slzea ; prlcea, 50c. and (1.00. WARNERS SAFE PILLS Are an lmmediate and active, stimulus for ¦ ttndcurü Coitivaneii, DytpepiU, BHI VWnVBHHffl Ê lousnflM, Bliloui DUrKlLgJnSjlliiUd .ftw. 'naft. MaUrU, Fever M iTïTïuJjSïflrTx fl Bé nd Afu' a"d sbould I lijUV9Htt9HhH e ust'd whenever tho I nftLUSHKH ÏKiwels do uut operato , ¦UlKinaifllüfl frei'ly nnd n-uLuly. I LLdjH H nr Fío nllirr l'llli ri'ijiilr.' nrK 1 ÏT3TTJuT I .mail diwM for IboroKgh ¦ HFTlMliaQlSla VK nrnr-, Mff UindlM ar ¦ ¦ MV9VimMHÍH 9ft I1 b? lrtlKRlU DtalM ¦ ¦ trT ¦¦aM In Didtrliip mprjwhrm. ¦b-w rrf3 H.H. Warner & Co., lOw lbJS 't".t, tora i?WfV RQfiH ESTER. N. Y. u aULLQV C 'Non 1 for ruaphlcl


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