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How To Induce Feeble Health And Early Death

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I, Cultívate practical uubehef in all sanitary rcgulations. 'l. Let no aot of your daily life contradict that belief. 3. Feed on wilted cucumbers and lunoh on green apples. 4. Keep an abundance of decaying vegetable matter in the cellar,- the butter and niilk will absorb tbeir odors of death and eonvey them to the human stomach and blood whioh is the lifo of man. 5. Sec that all kitchen slops are carefully emptied in one spot just outside the door, or directly under the chamber window. 6. Be careful not to ventilato the uleeping anartincnts. 7. Use no dried earth or other disinfectants in the water closets or elsewhore about the house. 8. Discard rcgularity io rising, retirini:, eating- laugli at euch things. 9. Avoid the hath. 10. When warru sit in drafts of cold air. II, Wear ootton garnionts next the pcrson twelve months in the year. 12. Drink freely of ice water when heated from exertion - "oool off" aftcrwardsi. 13. Work righl along boyond your strongth. 14. Avoid quiet restt'ulnesa on Sunday. Keep under exoitement till after midnight and begin work Monday morning in spite of headache and fatigue. 15. Drink intoxicants moderately - or any other way. 10. Like to do wrong generally and always do as you likn. Many other rules might be given, luit the careful observanco of these will be sufficient to break oven vigorous oonRtitutions; besides other ways will suügcst themielves to thoso taking this coune of life, so tbat therc is nothing to fear. (jood hcalth will soon begin to yield to thiit treatment, and before long the wrecking couch of death will be exehanged for the quiot of the grave.


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