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Loved Too Late

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i . ir :t!icr year, wun :i geni cnrrcnt, In and out oí our home he went - In nnd out. Ever lor us the skies werc is heart wrlad the cure and iear, The cnic and doubt. Uur hands held witli a careless hokl AU that he won of Iionor and gold In toil and pain. O dcar hands that our burdens - }I;inds th:it shall toil for us nn more, Ncvur igfl ! Oh, it was htrd to Icarn our loss, Beving daüy the lieavy crossThe cross he borc : To say with nn acliinj; heart hixI hea.i, "Would to God that the love now dead Werc here once morel" l'"nr thtn the love we held too light Wil uont AWftJ from our speech and silit. Ño bitter b o passionnte words of fond regrut, Nn yewniug urit f, could pay the debt UI tli.uiklcis ycars. Oh, fioy while tlic sweet love lincrs re:ir, Grodge nol the tender words oi i I.cave nol unsaid. For the hcrt c;m Juive no s.iddcr f;ite Than somt day to nwake - to late - ld fiiid loit den-t .'


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