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pena talks about boring í'or ealt. 10 Sehooleraft rol ribbon olub has ditíled. new tube well at thc capítol grouuds is L'tíOSK large new machine shop is being built [enomínee. any Blissficld residents have signed a sr to resist the dog ordinance. ítoskoy braga about the business of her k and other dcparttuentH of trade. pbella eoanty vrill hold her lirst fair fall. The grounds have1, been seleeted. koskey, Traverse City, and the región pabonts is famous for hay í'uver cures. kttle Creek has raisod the sura of $40,to secure the Toledo & Milwuukee railjnton ILirbor boys don't know wliat it ds when the giri hand tlietn their üinvüle station. Allegan Co , shipped JU baskets of' peaohea on the 27th uk., hicago. is estimatcd that there is 1,900, 000,feet of pino standing in tho foresta of 0 county. rs. Dentón, of Algonnc, aged 22. was k by lightning and instantly killed one last week. ne of' Patterson fc Woods' oarriago s wcre buroed at Flint last week. , $5,000. Inaured. urglars entcred the haam "f Hon. B. leuks, at St. Clair, rooentlj-, and abited $90 f'rom underhis iillow. )1. Ilolloway, the democratifi guberna1 nominee is not a speaker, but is .said s an excellent worker - on the farm. . M. Ilalliday, a veterinary surgeon of oit, took prussic acid nnd aconite Saty and died from its offects soon after. ither Shackon a French Catholic priest ay City, dicd suddenly Sunday mornïle was great.Iy beloved by bis congre)D. ist Saginaw has a new pound with seven i in it, and has torn down its old ono. uendnus enthusiasiu in the Saginaw irs. is stated that George F. Lewis of the uawian, will coDduct a new democratie 'T at Mount Pleasant, in Isabella ty. ie workingmen's aid society of Kast naw has bought land for a park rey, and are to improve it as soon as ble. iss Kast a farmer's daughter of CoiumSt. Clair county, has eloped with the 1 man. Probably imitated Columbus, gone west. ie demócrata of the sixth congressional iet have nominated K. B. Winans, of ngston eounty, as a compotitor of üen. i. Spaulding. 11 of the democratie enthusiasm and raisings at Adrián come from " young " Voters arn not extravagantly wild the prospecta. rt Austin wants an agricultura! fair for an county to be held there. A horse of the same species would of course be opriate to the occasion, ie Charlotte Kcpublican swears (metaical oaths) that the grand stand at their errounds is not aafe, and never will be built upon a new plan. ihn C. Blanchard has been nominated ie greenbackera of the fifth congressionstriot as their candidate for congreBs, L. II. Ilandall by the demócrata, ing the nionth of July 12,906 iiumits arrived at Port Huron, of whom j were 8,103 malea and 4,803 feniales; 56 oaine from Qucbee and Ontario, prisoner in the St. Clair county jail itarted out to starve himself to death. lUght to cmploy Dr. Tanner as a phyq, in order to do it " scientifically. " i show thc opinión the elements of nahave for the democrats, it can be stated lightning struck a hickory pole at ngton reccntly, and shivered it all up. ighton has a 70 years old citizen who is pevei tri Imve paid ¦ oenl of inb rast


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