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One hundrcd and forty duels in Franco the past year, and lots of fools left there yW. The first meeting of oolorad journaliste was held in Louisville, Ky. , last week. A permanent national press assoeiation was forra ed. Ilon. Robert McClelland died at hls home in Detroit, Monday night. He was one of the oíd school demócrata ; was governor of' this state at one time ; a member of the state house of représentatives ; and still later of the Bational house of representativos ; and Secretary of the Interior under President I'icreo. ïle was a man of inuch ability, and respected alike by political f 'riend and foe. He was 73 years old, bom in Pennsylvania, and carne to Michigan in Another lake disaster swells the enormous list for 1880, but this time, thanks to competent officers, not attendcd with the usual slaughter of' human beings. The sidewhoel steamer Marino City, was burned to the water's edge while about two miles off Alcona, on Lake Huron, last Sunday afternoon, at about 4 o'clock. The fire was in the hold, and before being discovered had gained such headway tuat it was impossible to save her. She had on board about 115 passenge, all but about 15 of whoin were saved. All the crew were saved except three. At least this is as near as can be ascertained. Some of the accounts are truly terrible. The boat had on a full cargo of' freight, wbich was a total loss. The Marine City was valued at $30,000, and had an insurance of $14,500. It is to be hoped that this will be the closing chapter of disasters of the kind, for it rnakes the heart sick to record them.


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