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Arinoil lo thc Tana I - ¦ v.ry common expressioo, but we tliink ttiui :inin (1 to embollish and preserve lh#m to u ripo oíd agu is decidedly more appropriate. Tliis can be dono by keepinj: yourself supplied with a bottl of tliat ppl.-nJid dentilriec, Fragrant SO54ODONT, wbieh will beautiiy thc teeth and preserve them trom the ravafius of deouy. KOZODONT oontaiii no Mida or ritty Bubatanoot wliieh iniuir (he enttuel, but 9 composed of nuc arid ntitigeptic luirbf, which ture i bañe fieial cfTeet on tlie wbole ec notuy of ihc mouth Spld by draggút. 1002 1005 Agenta ! Outimoi Makc from $-r to $50 per week Belling goods for K. ('. RidwhjtA Co., 10 Barclay street, New York. Send for their catalogue and terna. I(MW' 1052. WhsIi HiueK aro aftw poWOllOUS. AMERICAN irwarranted pare, liarmless and effioient Try it and yon will want I no other. ís it Fusslble that a remedy made of Buch wimmon, simple plants as BÓpB, Buchu, Mniulnike, Dandelion, itc , luake -o many and snob marvelous and wonderful cures as Hop Bitters do ? H must be, for when oíd and I young, rieh and poor, Pastor and Doctor, Lawyer and Kditor, all testify to h:ivin{ been curi'd by them, we must believi' nnd doubt no louKt-r. Í5ee another column.- PO8( lliicklcn's rniva Salrc. Tho Best Salve in the world for Cuts, BrniMS. Sores, Ulsers, SaltRhcum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Ohapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns 'and all kinds of Skin Eruptions. This Salve is warranted to give perfect satI isfaction ín every ease or money refunded. Trice 2S cents per box. Kor sale by Kbor[bach & Son, Ann Arbor. WANTED ! [Parties who will put TIES or TIMBER on the line of the [Toledo, Ann Arbor and North [Eastern Rairroad. The com[pany has about 50,000 leet of Iculvert and cattle pass timber Ito purchase, for which it will [pay the highest cash price, as soon as delivered on the line. They Avill also pay cash for ties, 35 ets. for Oak and 25 ets. for tamarack and ash; dimensions S feet long, 8 inch face and 6 inches thick. For further imformation apply to H. W. Ashley, corner Washington and Main sts., Ann Arbor. Any party who will put milis in the woods and contract for a large number can get advantageous terms. iWk THE NEW .TABLE BEVERAGE In place of Ten or Ooffee, COROCCO IIhc Ihrxe AdvantftKe; : list. More Healthlül. 2d. Finer Flavor. 3d. Miich Chcaper. the m mmmmmiE ::: I Half J'onnd Packagos 10 cta Aék yonr grocc-r for it. Kor Sale ut Wholeeale nd Retsil by IA R. HALL, N0. 23 NORTH MAIN STREET. I KKI8 ÏOI BUSINESS BUSINESS. I i are ready to show you tho finest Entlfah, Scotch, French and Ainorican SUITINGS AND TROWSERINGS also a i--ii,r. t.iNi-: ()¦ BROADCLOTH8, Di.viiONAI.s, TRICOTS, QRA.NITB CL0TH8, pOESKINS AND WORSTEDS, CUT ANU MAI1K IN AAL TOT LATEST STÏLES. SVIISFACTION OUARANTKEIL Thcic has been ¦ complaint made by I pertong wishing these stylos of {iools tliat I tlicy eonlil not bc founil in tliis city, and I they liavt: been obligetl to gn (o Detroit to Irma them. Tliis compiaint u now reme I dicd, as 1 am able aml will keep ft liistlr!;hs stock on lmnd of all these goodf. 1 I have a CÜTTEK who will fiivi' you I Perfeel Fit. OTJE. I Asady - Made Department ! I Is Ulied np with thc ohoioaet designa mad I in the latosl Btyles, Our GENT8' FUR I NISIIING DEl'ARTMENT is twice a I large ae ever befbre. Our Perfect-Fltüni I White and Colored Bhlrta have noequal I Cal] for iraproved Sultan and Rattler Col I lan, you will buy qo other after wearinj thosc once. LITTLE MACKp TUK KING CL0TH1ER, INÓ.i) MAIN STREET ANN AUBOR. N'. B, All cioths bonght of me will b I '-ut free of charge. Repatrias ion reu I onahly. 'J'J.S-1019 To Inventors and Mechanics Putentn and II. w to Obtalu Tliom. Ptmphlatl f f( Mgt rrue, nion recclpt of xtaiui I lor pOHln:ro. AddfMi (1II.MOK1Í, SM1TH A II'. BoUdton f riünt, Boi 31, I !CiU Wuhlnïton, D. C.


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