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T OST: Jt_i Between Ann Arbor aud Dixboro a lililíes HAM) S.ITIIIKL containliig lome Dress Goods, also two Promissory Notes. The Onder il! be sultably rownrded by leaviug the name at the residente of E. A. MATi'KSON, Ann Arhor. lwk ÜOR A Farm of twonty-one acres, wtth a good dwiTiing house on it. one mille from city city limit. Knquire 96tf At T1IB CODKIKR OFFICK. TTOUSEKEKPKH'S K1UKND. .iir-olluf mul Klonltor Uil Htovo of all kind at J. MCHI'JI ACIIKK'H, 88 gooth Mtin street. vu-1002 "POII SALK. I havi a gooi FLOUBtnG M1LL of tont ren of Ktone, I will sell or exchange for property In Washtenaw ('ounty. 9ÜII1 RICK A. BKAL. "POK SALE. I have a good, well-hnllt honsc and lot, sltnatcd on Klizabcth street, No. 15. Therc ie n Rood burn and wood-shed on tin1 place. TIn' pmperty is uew and in good repair. Terms very liberal. Apply to OMIOOI MKS. E. E. WINSLOW. TTOUSEéTaNI) LOTSFOIt SALE. Heveral fcood brlck dwelllng honse, and a numler of franied dwellinije, desirably öituated, with one or more Iota for oach. for ealc, on fair termn and reasonable credit. Also, flfty city Iota, well located, with good titlc, and on long credit. Alao, farms and mortgAgee for eale. Moncy safely inveeted for luridcm, at ten ptïr cent. Inquire of &WtS K. W. MOHGAN pERSOXS dcfiroun of rentinic The Mammoth Tent of the Ann Arbor Reform Club, for afternoon or vening meetings, can make arrangement with the committce, Mesure. B. F. Watts, C. M. Jone and John Schumachcr. 9991Í AQ l'aee Floral Autograph Album Il'td witliFerne, T-Q Birds. Lillies, Scrolla, &c. ('overe and edges clegantly gilded. alBO 47 select qnotatlons all for 15 cents, post-paid. Stamps taken, Agents wanted. (i. W. Bocemsde, Weet Haven, Ct. 100O-10O8. Notlce to Credltor.s. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, se. Notiu; is hereby fftváll, that by an order of the Probate Conrt for the County of Wahtenaw, made on the thirty-ftret day of August, A. I), i month8 from that date werc allowed for creditors to present thcir claims against the estáte oí Ilinim Thompson, late of eaid county, decuaeed, and that all creditors of said deceaeed are required to present their claims to said Probate Ctmrt, at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, for examinatlon and flllowance, on or belbre the ürst day ol March next, and that such claims will be hcard before ald court, on Wednesday, the flrst day of December and on Taeedny, the flrst day of Muren next, ut ten o'clock in the forenoon o! each of said daye. Dated Anu Arbor, August 3Ut, A. D. ldbO. WILLIAM D. HARKIMAN, 1UU2-1005 Judfe of I'n.tmli-. Cliancery Jiotlce STATE OF MICHKiAN. In the Circuit Courl for the Connty of Washtenaw. In C'hancery. Twenty oecond Judicial Dietrict.- William I Ualvort, complainant, v. Charles Gatchell.defendant. L'pon due proof by afllilavit that Charles Gaichell, the defendant in the above entitled cause pending in thle conrt, reeidCE out of the eaid state of Michigan , and that he does reside in the state of Colorado, upou motion of A. A C. A. Blair, eollcltors for complaluant, lt Ie ordered tbat the aid dcfendant, Gatchell, do appear and anewer the bill of complaint flled in thii callee witliiu three months from the date of thib order, else the safd bil! of complaint shall be taken as coufecBcd by said defendant ; and, furthcr, that thifl order b pnblished within twenty days lroni this date in the Ann Arbor Courier, a newspaper printed in said county of Washteuaw, and that the tame be publlshud therein once in each week for six wei k in succeSBlon. Such pnblication. bowever. shall not he neceasary ín caee a copy of thie order be eerved on the eaia defendant purronally at tali tueiity days before the time preecribcd herein fur bis ap pearance. üuled, August 25th, A. D. 1SS0. JAMES McMAHON, Circuit Conrt Commissioner in and for Waehtenaw County, Mich. A. & C. A. BLAIR, Solicitors for Complalnant. 1001-1006 Chauccry Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN. The Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw. In Cliancery. Albert M. Clark and Loring C. Edmonds, ComplalnantB, vs. Harvcy M. Wheeler aud Sophronia Wheeler, üefendants. In pureuancc and by virtuc of a decree of said court, made and entcred on the peventeenth day of April, A.D. 1880, in the above entitled canse: Notiee i hereby given, that I Bhall sell at pnblic auction, to the highest bidder, on Monday, the thirteenth day of September A. Ö, 1S80, at ten o'clock in the forouoon. at the eaat front door of the court house, in the city of Ann Arbor, Connty of Washtenaw, and State ol Michigan, the followiug described real estáte, being the mime mentioned and descrlbed in eaid decree, to-wit : The eit half of the northcast uuurter of the northwewt qnarter of ecction twenty, townhip four Houtti of range seven east, routalnin twttntj of land, more or less. Datcd July 24th, A. D. 1S8Ü. JAMES McMAnON Circuit Court Couimlaeioner in and for ihe OooatJ of Washtenaw. state of Michigan. SAWYEU KNOWLTON, Solicitors for ComI.lainanü!. 9S7-10U8 Estáte of Rau.som 8. Smit h. QTATK OK MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, kb. At a oession o( the Probate Conrt for the Connty of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Offlce in the city of Ann Arbor, on Friday, the thirteenth day of August in the vear onu thonsand eight hundred and eigbty. Present, William IJ. Ilarriman, Judue of Probiitr. In the matter of the estáte of Kaneom ü. Smilh, dedeceascd. Willard B. Smtth, John O, Wileon aud 11. 8. Street, executors of the last will and testament of said deccased come into court and represent that hey are now prepared to reuder Their aunual account ae such executore. Tuereupon it is ordered, that Naturday, the fonrth day of September next, at ten u'clock In the forenoon. bc aAsigned for uxaminini; and allowing such account, and that the devisees, legatuct and heire at aw of said deceaw-'d and all other pentuii Interested u said estáte, are required to appear at a session of said conrt, then to be holdi-n at the I'robiit.' "ü he city of Ann Arbor, in said couuty,and phow ctOMi f any therc be, wby the eaitl account should not be a!luw-d. And it i further ordered. thtit i-rtld txecutors give notlce to the persons lnwrested in said eutnte, f the pendency of said account, and the hearing hereof, by causing u copy of this order to be puhishedin the Aun Arbor C'ourt#r,a newspapor printed and circulatliiK in said county, two euccessive W60kl previous to eaid dny of hcarlni;. (A trne copy). WILLIAM fi. HARRIMAN, Judge of Probate. WM. G. DOTÏ, Probate Résister. 1000-1002 Kstnte of Ilihrard Lltchfleld. tTATK OF MICHIGAN, County of Washteuaw, ís. At a aesslon of the Probate Court for the Conntyof Waíhtenaw, holden at the Probate Olllce, tr the city of Ann Arbor, on Moudav. the ninth dav of Ausoat, n the Tejtr i'iie tli"MHaud eight hundrea and elffhty, 'Maant, William D. Ilarriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the eetilte of Kdwnrd Litchtleld deceaed. On readini; and flllng the petition, duly verined, of UeForesi Utehfield, prajlug that h eer ain Instrument now on file in this court, purporting o bc tbc laai wil! mul testament and codicil annexed if eaid decoaseë, may be admitted to probate, and hat hc may be appointcd ezaentot thereof. Tlu-reupon it is ordered, that Monday, the slxtli dny of September next, at ten o'clock in the brenoou, be uasigued for tl.1' lieuriiit: ol aald, and that the ¦ vleea, lamtaaa, mul heur. at law of eaid deccased, aud all other perVoiie utereated in suid eitatc, are requirud to uppi ar at a seseion of said court, then to be holden al the Probate Ufrlcc, tn the city of Ann Arbor, and show rn', if uny there he, why the prayer oí the pett ioner ehould not be granted. And it is lurther j irdered, that ald petitioner give uotio to the persons lntcrestrd in sald estáte, of the pendency of said petition, and the hearing thereof, by cauelng a copy of thie order Ui be publlshed In the AM irmr Cnuritr, ii newipapa printed and ClrOaUtlng in mud county, three succcsslve weeks previoue to sald duy ot hearing, (A trne copy.) WILLIAM 1). HAHKIMAN, Judge of l'robate. WM. G. DOTY. Probate Register. 91W-I0O-1


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