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Old Times In Bridgewater

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1 he tollowing is a eopy of the paper rcad by R. Eandall, :i( the Bridgewater picnic on August 5th, ontitled, " The Early 8ettlement of Bridge wtiter: " "Col. Daniel liixon and family werc tho first settlera, airiving at Bridrawater, ia M orge Lazellé haa poen a resident f-iin'i' 1829. James Caunptoo cime iu Muy, L?30 ; Thomas Pioket and Bolton caun ut tbc same time. Craiiipton and l ilton üvt'd under a Lent mudo of bed olothes until they oould ereot a log sfcanty, which was situated on that point of land formed by tlio Raisin and the small run bctwoen (JoorgePouchers and the Wier place. Daniel l'orter carne i n 1830; also Daniel Brooks, builder of the first frame dwolling in town : it wai the old house of Mr. Crane'a, suceeeded by a new and better ono. The noxt scttler was Deacon Shovc Miner, father ot' David and Israel Miner; he took up huid now owncd by Norman Watson, who arrived in 1831. Jacob Gilbert eamo in autumn of 1830 and built a log cabin just south of Justua Watson 's oorn crib, where fruit trees are now growing. In 1831 the (ilbert family, consistingof Kphraira.Pratt, Harvey, Mrs. Ilaight, Polis, and Jenkins carne. Kbin Lauib purchased the land wuero Martin Dowey uves. Elias Darly took up the Diekerson place west of Harvey Calhoun's. Norman Oonklin carne in 1832 and purchased the Ilorace Fisk place. Tho Eider Powcll place was' first taken up by Jno. Scott in 1830, and sold to Derrick Owen, and by him to Eider Powcll. George Howeeame in November 1831, and sottled on the farm oceupied by llenry Calhoun. Mr. Ilewitt cauie in 1832 and located whero ü. I). Kies resides. John Valentino scttled where Norman Conklin lives - he is now living in San José, California, and is S4 yeara old. Among early settlers were J. T. Calhoun, Lyman Downs takinc up the place where Dillingham resides ; II. B. Morlón on tho Ilorace Bartlutt plaoe ; John Lynch, whoso domicile stood just north of Lot Mills, by a spring in the bank ; John P'iuglas, who sold to Deacon Hovey, now owned by Jenkins lima., (Teorge Ingersoll, who scttled wherü lliraui Mills presently owns ; .Jacob Duboiu, who entered land and built where the Everys reside. The first road surveyed ía that now in use, liúiii Clinton to Sharon. The first marriage was Dunnis Lancaster to Harriet Frederiek, by Justiee II. B. Norton. First whitochild born, Henrietta Ilison, nuw wif'e of Uev. Mr. Kedzie, oí' St. Joseph. First death was that of Mrs. Bolton, buried on the north side of the run passing between George Poucher's and the Wier, place on the point near the river. As fier last hours approached she grieved sadly over the thought of burial in the wilderneas. The first town meeting was held at the house of Daniel Brooks. now Ctane's. The first supervisor was George Howe ; first magistrato, H. 13. Norton "; first town elerk Robert II. Heggie. What a change in half a contury ! From the primeva! íorest, beauüful homes, tile licld.i, and a liigh stale ot' civilization have been deeloped. These grand oíd cmks surrounding us are a portion of' the eternal solitudes that extended í'rom tho lakes on tlic east to thegreat lake un tho west. lí;id they a tonque, what secrets ot' pain, enduraucc, and sufiering thoycould roveal ! Give that meandering brook to the weet ol'us the fiitt of speech, things might be told that nevCr will be writtcn in the annals oi' history. Y onder roll.s the .-ilent river ; it keept its secrets ; hut could it revcul them, tales of carnago miglit be disclosed that bapponcd in the long ago, of whioh history can never know. Whiitcver bas tH'en, now all is peaee and prosperity. These pioncers toiled amid privation and want that wo might enjoythefruitsof theiriabor. Their untiring efforts have converted the wiiderness into a garden of Eden. Ijet us oherish the memory of their deeds. "


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