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A Precocious Youth

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J. lio othcr d.iy a lady accompanied by her son, a very sinall boy, boarued a train at Littlc Hoek. The wotnan had a c;iroworn expression hauging over her face like a tattercd veil, and many of the rapid questiona asked by the boy were answered by unconscious sighs. "Ma," said the boy, "that man's like a baby, ain't he?" pointing to a baldlieaded man sitting just in front of them. "Hush!" "Why must I hush?" After a few moments' silenec, "Ma, what's the matter with that man's hoad ?" " Ilush, 1 teil you. He's bald. " " líis heád hasn't any hair on it." "Did it couie off?" "I guess so. " "WiD mino come off ?" "Somc time, may be. " 'Then l'll be bald, won't IV" " Will you care?" After anothcr silenco tlio boy exclaimed: "Ma, look at tho fly on that man's head." " lf you don't hush l'll whip you when we got home." "Look! Thcrc's anotlier fly. Look at 'cru fight. Look at 'em." "Madam," said the man, putting aside a newspaper, and looking around, what's the matter with that young hyena?" "The wonian blushed, stammered out something, and attempted to smooth back the boy's hair. "One fly, two flics, tbree fiies," said the boy innocently, following with his eyes a basket of oranges earried by the nevsboy. "fiere, you young liodgehog," said the bald-headed man, "ifyou don't hush, l'll have the conductor put you off the train," The poor woman, not knowing what elae to do, boxed the boys ears, and then gave him an orange to keep him from crying. " Ma, have I got red marks on my hend?" "l'll slap you again ifyou don't shut up." " Mister," said the boy, " does it hurt you to bo bald-headcd?" " Youngstcr," said tlie man, " if you will keep iuiet l'll give you 25 cent." The boy prouiised and the money waa paid over. The man took nj Iiíh paporand resnmed his roading. "Thia in my bald headed monoy," paid the boy. "When I get bald-headed I'm going to givo boys money, too. Mister, have all bald headed men got money ?" The annoycd man threw down his paper, aroso and cxelaimed: " Madam, hercafter when you travel leuvo that young gorilla at home. Heretofore I always thought that the old prophet was very cruel for callin; tho sho bears to kill childien for making sport of his head, but now I am forced to believe that he did a (Jhristian act. lf your boy had been in tho crowd he would have died first. If' I can't find anothcr seat in this train, I will ride on the eowcatcher sooner than remain here." " Tbo bald-hcaded man in gone," said the boy, and the woman leaned back und blew a tired sigh from her lips.


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