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Judicious Advertising

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A man denouncing newspaper advertising toacrowd of listeners : "Last week," said he, " I liad an umbrella stolen from the vestibule of the church. It was a gift, and, valuing it very highly, I spoot doublo iu worth in advertising, but I liave not recovered it." " How did you word your advertisement ? " asked a merchant. " Ilere it is," said the man, producing a slip cut f'rom a newspaper. The merchant took it, and rcad : " Lost, from the vestibule of church, lust Sabbath evening, a black silk urobrella. The gentleman who took it will bc handsoraely rewarded by leaving it at No. - , San Fernando street. " " Now," said the merohant, " I am a liberal advertiser, and always found that it paid mo well. A ml deal depends upon the nianner in which au advertisement is put. Let us try for your umbrella again, and if you do not acknowledgc then that advertising pays, I will puroliase you a new one." The werchant then took a slip of paper from his pocket and wrote : " If the man who was Been to take an umbrella from the vestibule of' - - church, la.-U Sabbath evening, does not wish to get into trouble and have a stain cast upon the Christian cliaracter which lie values so highly, he will return it to No.- , San Fernando street. He is well known." Tliis duly appeared in tho jtajier, and on the follow ing morning tho man was astouished wlien he opened the front door of his residence. On tho poroh lay at lenst a dozen umbrellas of all shades and sizes that had been thrown in from the sidewalk, while tbc front yard was Iiterally paved wit h umbrellas. Many of them had notos attaohed to thom saying tliat they bad been taken by mistake, and beapog the loüT tu koep tho littlc ad'air quiet.


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