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To live long it is neocssary to live blowly. Lovc is tho pootry of tho sonsos. - Balito, A delicate tbought is a flowor of' the tnind.- llolim. lnclination and interest determino ttie will.- Talleyrand. Advancing or resisting, we .still go on - by :ind by to go oft. The art of prgudAg cautwd tho art of pleMDg. - Vollairc. We hand folks over to God's mercy but show none oursilvcs. ïhere are calumnies against whicli even innoeenco loses courage. Politetoeat is tho ezpremra or imitation of social virtucs. - -Dueles. Botter be apright md want, thun wiek cd and haw superubundance. Industry need not wish, and he who üvcs upon hope will die fksting. Diversity of opinión provea that things are only what we think them. - Montaigne. Justiee ia the bread of nations. They are always funUhing ibr it. - Chateaubrand. One may ruin liimself by frankncK.s, but one surely dishonon liimsell' by duplicity. - Vieilard. Thero in nothing in the universe that I fcar i'xcept that I iuay Dot know all my duty or way fait to do it. Romeiabrance of the dead soon fades. Alas! in tlieir tombe, they decay more slowly tban in our hearts. - Victor Hugo. A man sliould never blush in oonfeuitlg his errors, tor he provea by hifl avowa! that he ia wiscr to-day than yesterday. - F. F. Rosseau. One of the nrost cffectual ways of pleasDg and of' making one's gelf loved in to he cheerful, joy soí'tecs moro heartí tban tears. Iuh;. dn Snrtory. Wise men mingie innocent mirlh with their cares as a help eithcr to forget or overeóme them, but to resorfc to intoxication fol the cuse of' oim's mind is to eure inelancholy with


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