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How To Obtain A Poor School

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I. hlt'ct tlic most ïgnorant, bigoted üsted old fogios iu tuc district to ih school board. '2. Employ the cheapest teacher you can get, regardRss of qnalitfofttimB, repu tation or expericti.v. 3. Kind all the fault you onn with th teacher, and teil evorybody ; espcoially lo the pupil.-ï Uear it. 4. When you uear a bad report ubnu the teacher of a school, circuíate it ti fa a. you can. 5. Nevér vioit the schoot", Dot örtc ur ago the teacher. 6. U you should hapicn to visit the Hchool, take elose noticu ot' what .ctima to go wrong, and teil everybody about it, ox cept the teacher. 7. Never adviso your childreu to be obedient to the teaclier, and when MU i punished, rush to the sohoolroom befoJí your pasaion is coolfd, andivc tlie teaobfl a hearing in the matter in the presenoe of the school. 8. Be indifforent about sonding your children to school rcgularly. 9. Do not bo concorned whether they havo the necessary books. 10. If any of' tho pupils make slow progress. blame the teacher for it. II. üccupy your old tumble-down Pübool house as long as you can, and no noi go to any to repair it. 12. Do not go to the expense to gei api'aratus, improvcd furnituro, etc. 13. If the teacher or pupil nhould oomplain of' an unconifortablo or inconvtïnient school room, do not coosidor it worthy of notice. 14. iict the cheapost fuel you iiin. In general, conduot your school On the cheapest possiblc plan, and let your chiof concern bo to find fault and ways of rotrenchruont. If these ruleö aro faithfully ciirried out, you are not likely to fail in having a bad school.


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