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T INSEY & SEABOLT'S BAifiRT, GROCER Y FLOUR AND FEED STORE Wi hWP OOMUntlj 01 hnnd, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC. K)K WI1OLKSAI.B AND KKTAII, TKADK. Wc Khall.alKO keep a 'ipply of SW1KT 4 HKST WHITE WOB Al FLOUR, UKLU1 FI.Ol'K, I!YE PLOITK BUCKWHKAT Cl.orit, CORK MBA1., FBKU, c.,c. At wholesale and retnil. a fjeneral toet o! CROC'ERIES UI) PROVISIÓN conplantly on hand, whlrh will bc aold ÚD un r -i-" j ble t"rma au t any other houw in Hm city. ('aun pald forBiittor, Bi;k8, and C'onntry I'roduc t;. rii'ralfy. (.HfHoods dcllvnri'd to any prt of tn city wi'l Ont extra charge. yr KINHKY BBABOLT. AMERICAN balTblüe THIS ÍS THE BEST BLUEING I2ST USE! IT IS NOT POISONOls: HELI'S BLEACHING und GIVESA BEAUTIFUL TINT SQF For Sale by ill 8ro$ers._L] American Ultramarine Works, 53 Muiden I.ano. Xviv York. '182 lyr UH3 PAD ACTS DIRECTLY ON THE KIDNEYS. ltlfill-r uiitt 1 rinnry OrjcntiN bj AliworliiiK all humor, uvery Iraco of uineane, and 1 in; Into ttu; Byntem tbronli the )Ort'e of the ckin, nour Khini: aTüi tronpthitiilui,' vogstebl6 tonics, ftrlDg It m oiidorfnl power to cure Ht once, PAIN IN THE BACK, Mido or IoiiiH, Inflnmmutlon and Itri-htH IH-fiiNr of tlie UI(!iick. IMü Im'Ics, lkrojmy. 4-ravol, i 'a turril oí' 1liItltuldrr, II lí roloml.Hcuniy or l'niiiful I rinatinit. I-o-H-. nms or Si-i ¦!'- in the I rlur, M IhoiNA PHVHICAJL OKK1L1TY iind in fuct any (Iterase of tho.-f o greñt orpans whiíther conlractcd by ovor worktrtm: uxccHsivc drink, the abuac of Datare, or otlurw.--. It enpercedee entlrely thc lnCOHT6DteiiCefl Utd troubleeof taking naupeous and pofuanous lntmiul medicinen. It iu worn cxftctly where needed, next to the body and iniraediately over tbc kidneye. It íp comfortablc To the patiënt, safe, pleasant and roliable In ite ell'ects, but powerful ín lts acties. It can he worn at all timen, in any clinmte, nnd ircqually good for MAN, WOMAN OR CHILD. Do not be prfjndiced. Oíto It i trial and he convincud that it i honest, reliable, efl'cctivc and just whiit yonr feeblc and uxhauntcd body rcquiron. ThoiHHiids are daily addinji tlu'ir toptimony u tb irondarfol cnrative pawen ol thia mat remsdj. who are boiut; rartowd to perfect healtb after al ottier treatraentö and remedies hiive falitrd. Afk your druiígist Tor it, and accept ao iamititioa or suistitnto. If he has not grt it, 9tud to us and rcceive it by return mail. SMCrlptlvo Prleo Llit. - Kinilar Pud, Í2 ; Special I'ttil, lor CbroniCtdeep-Heöt'.-d.or ouw til ioiik ftjmdliifr, fi; Children's l'ad, tnr lammer coin'plaint, wenk ktdnoye and bed wettinL'. 81.50. Our book, "How a Life wtin Suved," ontuiulnp a hif:ory ol this irreat dipcovery, malled free. Wrile for it. 1AV K1IXK' PAD CO.. Toledo, O. W5-1UUT DANDËLION Dr. White' Dandelion Alterativo, the Great Blood Pnrlfler nd BoooTttor. A tpeclfic foi Ltver t'omülnint, BillonencM. Chills and Kever, üysijcpsla, Kidney Disejie, Hlieuni.'itifm and Constipatlon ol the Iïowele. RenkOTei pimplen nnd f:i!lownctas from the skin, producin); n clcar complexion. It ie pnrely vetretahle, perfectly harmless and plensant to t:ike. I'in! bottles only tl, and every bottle warrauteft. PULMÓN ARI A, tjff Zi for CoughH, Coldn, Aflhma, Bronchitis, Uroup, Whooplne Couh and Indpleot CoBmmptton. Kift y ceuta per notth. LttL6 botUoi $1, and uvery botllu warmnted. For ealü in Ann Arbor by fiberbacb A Son, and drogglstl everywhere. Ayer's Agüe Cure, FOK ÏIIK SPEEDY RBLIGK OK Fovor ui Agso, Icto:att'.ont Fovor, Ciill fovor, Eomittoiit Fovor, Dumb Auo, Por'.odicil or Biliois Fevor, o'.:., md Indeel 11 tho jffoctíots Thích iriso fres malsrloss, sirsb or aüssutic poiions, HV"k Hil beon widely u-ed 'liirln the last B twenty-flve yeare, in the treatmei.t of H"L ll" -' 'HHn-nnln;; dl. . -¦¦?. and wlth I li isncli unvarying success that it has "k'ined the reputation of belng infalW Hble. The Bhakeg, or chille, once broken by it, do not rciuni, until the disenso is conracted nain. Thie ha made t au accepted remedy. and trniM xpvciiic, fcir the l6Tw oud Agaa of the West, and the ChillB and Fever of the South. Ayer'rt Ane ('ure eradicatee the noxiout poiflOO from ttaê lyttem, and Imtm the patiënt as ell u efore the attack. It Ihoroiifbly expela llie disenpe, so that no Livcr Complaintf.Khenmatism, Neurali,-in, Jysentery, or Debiliiy lollow the cure, bsdatd, where Dinordern of the Liver and Bowels have occurreil from Miuematic I'oison, it WMWI tincsue of them, and thoy dieappear. Not only is it an eil'ectiml cure, but, il tr.ken occasionally ly patlanbl xporaed to malaria, it will expel the poinon and procet them from attack. Travclers and tempornry Mdeati in Fever nnd A(sa lóoaHtlai nrr thni mabled to dely the dlMM. The Goneral Deblllty, whlch Í6 no apt to mum from coiitimi.d axpoton to Malaria amt Miamn, lia DO speedler romcdy. For Ltcn (YjnpUiints, it i an BZCeUent nmedy. KKPAÜKD BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,Lowell, Mass. I'ractieal and Analytical Chemlvtl. sold by all DregffUta and Daalen la Medlclnta. D7H-1U10 aflw THE MICHIGAN STATE FAIR WII.L DK IIEI.l) IN DETROIT SïmuilliK i:ith, iltli, i:di, iwii i;ih. M. S. iSMIÏIl & 00., )lamóad Blerchaute and JgwcLori, invite Vtoiton to the City at tlwrt time to tholr Batablishnmtti )or. of Woodward and Jefferson Aves. ALL ARE WELCOME. 1)77-1029 All about IPEYAC SE N p iv : SSS 1 ti A Ad f' n CAZETTEER de CUIDE, whicl. eoul.lnji full Inrorm.Uon on all mtt„r of Inlorot 'n , "" """i ir0110 Btar 8t." "nd ¦ correct oounty mi) of Tuu, a& i ar. InohM. JOHN ROSS i CO.. GENX GENTS, ST. LOUIS.MO


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