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How A Missionary Obtained Free Board And Lodging

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An English town niissionary, a short time ago, related a remarkablc incident. There was a lodging-house in his district which he had long desired to enter, but he was dcterred from so doing by his friends, who f'eared that his lifc would be thereby endangored. He became at length so uneasy that he determined to risk all consermences and try to gain admission. So one day hc gave a somewhat ttroid knock at tho door, in response to which a coarse voico roared out : " VVho's there? " and at the same moment a vicious looking wotnan oponed the door and ordered the man of (od away. "Lethitn come in, and see who ho in, and what he wants," growled out tho same voice. The missionary walked in, and, bowing politely to the rough-looking man whom he had just heard speak, said : " 1 have been visiting most of the housoa in this noighborhood to read with and talk to the people about good things. I have pMsed your door as long as I feel that I ought, for I wish also to talk with you and your lodgers." "Are you what is called a town missionary?" "I ai, sir," was tho reply. 'Well, then," said the fierce-looking man, " sit down and hear what [ am going o say. I will ask you a]uestion out of tho tJible. If you answer me right, you may cali at this hnuse and read and pray with us and our lodgers as often as you like but f you do not answer me right, we will tear your clothes off your back and tuinble you neck aod heels into the street. Now what do you say to that ? for I am a man of my word. The niissionary was perplexod, but at ength quietly said: "I will take you." " Well, then," said tho man, " herogoes. .1 the word girl in any part of the BihloV f so, wherecanitbefbund, and howoftcn? Phat is my question." " Well, sir, the word girl is in the Hible, )'it only once, and may be found in the words of the l'rophet Joel, iii, 3. The vords are : 'And they Hold a girl for wioo, hat they migfet drink.' " " Well," replied the man, " I am dcad ieat ; I durst have bet fjgc pounds you ould not liuve told." "And l eould not have told yosterday," laid the visitor : " For soreral days I have een praying that the Lord would open me i way into this house, and this very mom ng, when reading the seiiptures in my amily, I was surprised to find tho word girl. nd got theconcordaroo to seo if itoccurred gain, and found it did not. And now, sir, bclieve that God did know, and does know vhat will come to pass, and surely His ïand is in this tbr my protection and your good." Tho whole of the inmates wcre greatly urprised, and the incident has been overuled to the conversión of the man, his wif'e


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