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The Honest Democrat In Politics

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The Detroit Freo Press tells the follow ing story of the experiences of a young, bu honcst dcmocrat, in that city, who tiied t got a small office. It shows of what meta that party is cotupoaed: Six months ago young Cuuliflower suc (Icnly conccived the idea that it would b far moie profitable to hold a politica! offic than to put in the long hours and take th moderate salary of' a bookkeeper, and h spoke to severa] of bis personal friend about it. They were agreed that he wouh wake a good police-court elurk. '" You are bftpabje and honost," said one "You are respeetable and have goo standing," said asecond. "The public ought to be glad to ge such a man for the place," added a third The fourth was an old man. He crooked his fingeranddrewCaulirlowerasideand said : "lt's all right, but you'd better go and see Bones." "Wlio's Bones?" "Why, he's laying pipes to be elected aldorman of the . ward. You want to fix bim in advance. Don't lot tho grass row undcr your fuet, but go and see Bones." Young Cauliflower saw Bonos. Bones was a man with a red nose and lots of bad gram war. llis coat was out at the elbows and his manners were worse, but hc was in with " the boys " and feit sure of a nomination. Ho listened to what young Cauliflower had to say, and then replied : "All very well to say thnt you can bring recommends as to your capability and honesty, but can you fix Ginsling? Ginslingis down on me because I.didn't help bim to get the wardchairmanship, and he must be fixed or I may lose the noisination. What can you do?" "But Ginsling is a- a loafer," replied Cauliflower. l " Uortainly lm is; but bow can we get office without tho help of leafers? If you will secure his pledge to support me 111 give a pledge to support you. If you rant tlie place don't delay an hour about seeing Ginsling." Youug Cauliflower startedout and found Ginsling. His nose was of dcepër red than Bones, and he had a black eye to make thu contrast more marked. "Yes, I'm down on old Bones, hiui ! " he replied. He is no patriot. He docsu't care a cent for bis country. He'd see the glorious constitutitm torn to flinders and spit on before he'd raise a hand. 111 teil you what I 11 do, though. I want to be a justicc of the peaoe. l don't know any more about law than a chicken does about iistronomy, but I know enough to decide in favor of the plaintiff, and that's all that is expected of a justice, me if it isn't I " "Well?" " Well, you go to Brandymiue, who also wants to bea justice, and get him to pledge tliat ho will withdraw in my favor, and I'll pleit to support Bones." " But Brandyuiine is in jail for assaulting a man," protestad Cauliflower. "' No, ho isn't - he got out this morning. Can't promise you anything until he is out of the way. ' If I were you l'd see him at once. You'll fiud him somewhere down on the Potomac." Young Cauliflower dodged in and out of saloons nnd dives and dens, and by and by hc found Brandymino and stated his case. "Withdraw in his favor ! I'll see him first!" roared Brandyuiine in rcply, " Ginslingis a loafer, sir, and he would disgrace the office I Besides that, he once split his ticket, and I can provo that hc once sold his vote lor thrce dollars ! I'll never compromiso with him - oever 1 " Young Cauliflower had been told what to say to this, and pretty soon Brandymine cooleddown and said: "Perhaps it is my duty asa pure and consistent patriot to withdraw, but if I do so I must have the eastern hayscales as a rcward. A fellow named Smasher is after tho place, but you go and see old Kainbow. ilainbow oau sit down on Smasher, and il he will do it, I will givo his son a place under me. Now, then, old Bones pledges you. Ginsling pledgea Bones and I pledge Ginsling, old liainbow pledges me, and we work tho thing haraioniously. Go and see Rainbow." Young Cauliflower went out to find him. liainbow was willing tosit down on Smasher, but tho son was the trouble. " Ho was sent to the workhouse yosterday in default of $50 fine," he explained, "and you will of courso hand over tho money to get him out. We can't run this ward without my son, and if this ward isn't pledged you won't be pólice court clerk I " Cauliflower went back to his desk, and ho won't stand in the way of any one who wants office.


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