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Ifog cholera in Kalauiazoo eounty. OKft sawuiilN use the electric licht. David Davis istiead- he lived at Ionia. Big Kapid.s rejoices n a telephone exehange. Cadillac ships frotn three to fivo carloads of ice per week. 27,000 bbls. of' salt manufacture] in Hurón eounty last month. Tlie Berrion eounty farmers believe in late söwtng of wheat thia year. ('hurles Bradluugh, the English infidel, is to lecture in Detroit this season. A doublé track is to be laid on the M. ('. il. H. between Jackson and Leoni. The Presbyterians of Howell have just paid off an incumbrauee of $1,200. A ncw newspnper on the tapis at Galesl'i'i'fi. What is the country coming to ? Adrián lias 2,122 children of school age. Last year she had 2,180. Down a peg. There are 790 convicta at the state prison, at Jackson, 50 of whora are there for lile. Judge 'A. W. Bunce, aged 93, died at Marysville last Sunday. An oíd pioneer. A new band of' music is being organized at Jackson, the niembors all being colored men. The college at Benzonia has a new president n the person of Prof. Maltby, of Ohio. Mrs. M. A. Hazlett is doing sorue very effective work in the campaign for the republicaos. Hay City school children have increased 1,200 in one year, there being 5,411. Bad place that. Jumes Parker, of Oceola, Livingston eounty, charges up the value of 13 sheep to the dog fund. Tho regetta at Bay City, netted$27G.Cl, - l:-L j . j . .u. ij_„ , , Agncultural Society. A 16 years old boy, of Port Sauilac, has been doing a tUriving business by steaüng cattle and shipping them. On the old city hotel site in Flint, is beinc ereeted three fine stores, with cut stone and plate-glass fronts. Scotts is the name of a new place in Kalauiazoo county. It has 12 dwelÜDgs, ;wo stores, and moro coming. Mitls & Merrills' machine shop on Water street, East Saginaw, burned last Saturday. Lo3s, $15,000; insurance, $10,000. A Fowlerville paper has been presented with a bean-pod 29 inches long, and containing 19 beans. ïhat's a pretty windy story. By a change in mail service, Port Austin and Sand Beach now receiye tlieir mail some three or four days earlier than formerly. Jackson Citizen : Rumor saith that Mr. N. Mosher, of Concord, has just fallen lioir to an estáte in England valued at $300,000. Hillsdale boys bob for eek Hillsdale housewives cook them, and Hillsdalo people eat them. Baw Beese lake is where fcbey are caught. Jabesh Mead, one of Livingston county's early pioneers, has passed away at the ripe old age of 80 years. He lived in Marión township over 40 years. Some rich fellows, that haven't any better method of getting rid of their surplus cash, have started another paper at Boyne [)ity, Charlevoix county. Some miserable scamp, chuck full of rmre cussedness, cut down a beautiful cac;us, whieh Mrs. liandall, of Paw Paw, had been eleven years in raising. There is a rumor that the lloyce reaper company, of Perry, N. Y., may move their works to Michigan, and several cities are alive to the necessity of seeurinfi it. Tho Michigan conference, in session at Muskogon, last week, suspended ltev. H. J. Peck from the ministry, for one year, br "unministerial and unchristian conduct. Thos. Ayers, of Jasper, Lenawcc cuunty, 'ell off a train while going to the state fair, one day last week, and was seriously, if not fatally, injured. He had been drinking. No sooner is a Lenaweo man nominated br the legislature than the constitutional imendment advocates swoop down upon iim with interrogatories. - Adrián Times. A rioh greenbacker has boen inoreasing ho number of papers at Big Itapids. At east we judge him to be rich, elso he would not engage in such an expensive enterprise. Weller, the editor of the Muskegon Sews and Reporter, has been sued for ibel by one Worms. But he is a plucky ittle fellow and so keeps right on with his allega tions. A smash up at Kalamazoo, on the M. C. i. R., last week, oame near ending the days of St. Julián, the great fast-horse. ut good luck savod him without any serious damagc. Ruy. Geo. S. Bailey, pastor of the Niles 3aptist church, has been appointed financial secretary of the Italian biblo and SunIay school mission. He will leave for lome shortly. A nugget of cojiper weigbing 20 pounds was found on the farm of Albert Redock, ast week Monday, in Attica, and the pecimen is composed of at least 95 per ent. of pure ore. 100 Manistoo ladies turned out to a chool meeting recently. That's right. 'he women of' our land are just as much nterested in our schools as the men are, and they should manifest that interest. At Pentwater, recently, John Cook, ged 22, had his arm nearly taken off by a aw, but he ran two blocks to a doctor's ffice, and had it taken care of so quickly hat hopes are entertained of saving the rm. Henry Lindley, aged 23 years, shot and álled Alice Tiffany, aged 19, at her home, wo miles west of Jonesville, last Monday, nd then killed bimsolf. Love and jealusy are said to have caused the the terrile deed. The Kalkaskian publishes the following nhospitablo notico : All dogs brought in,o Kalkaska county to hunt deer willsurely e attacked with "lead oolic." Sportsïen's clubs should paste tliis in thcir ecord books. The politioal status of the new Hillsdale èhool board is sueh as will doubtless lead o no end of dead locks, says ao exchangc. 'dIíücs lias no business in school boards, 'hey sliould bü organizud and run in the the pcople, aot of partios. Tn building a railroad in Bcrricn county, ie workmen have excavated a numbor of oads at a depth of sonio seven or cight 'eet below the surfaoe. They have little ound holes in which they live, but no vis )le canal Ieading thereto or therefrpm. Scveral young ladies of Battlc Creek, ho have been insulted on the strect by oughs, havo made side pockets to their resses and tilled them with red pepper, nd propose to lili tho eycs of the next owdy who givcs them any provocation. James Fogle, of Dowagiac, who, while nder the influence of liquor reccntly, was vertaken by a freight train on the railroad rack and lost a leg, has entered suit for !4,000 daniage apainst George Gephardt, the saloonist of' whotn he linujrltt bie wliisky. The third case fur trial in the Michigan conference was of Rov W. H. Waro, of Vergennis, who was reporte 1 n " cnninrily embarrassed, that " his uspfulnrs? as a minister was about de.stroyod," and oonsequently ho withdrew from the chureb. At the M. E. conference for the western district of Michigan, at Kalamazoo, Jast week, the trial of Rev. J. W. Kcid, cbarjfed with Sabbnth brcaking and unujinistcrial conduct, resulted in a verdict of guilty on both specifications, but his character was passed on conditiotis, wliich he at last decided to accept. The conditions imposod werc uf cunifeggiiig in open conference, and receivinff the adnionition of the bishop, whieh lie cnnipücd witli, and was restorcd to i'ull relWiooj There was a vigorous protctt against suoh action, entered and placed on record, by a minority who didn't believo the áorósed sufficiently punished for his deed a


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