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The present seuatc of' the I niu d States consista of' seventy-six lucniber.-, of whuni forty-two aro deniooraU, thirty-two aru republicana, and two independeDts. One of theee indcpendents (Davis, of Illinois,) may bo classcd as a democrat, and the other (Booth, of California,) may bc classed as a republican, leaving the tenate divided politically : democrat-, forty-three ; ropublicans, thirty-three. -The official term of' twcnty -five senators expires on March 3, L881. These senators are the following : Demócrata. Republicana. Eaton, Connuct leut. Booth, California. Bayard, Delawaro. Uumlm, Mainc, Jones, Florida. Dawen, Massacbnsctts. McDonald, Indiana. Ilalilwin, MichiL'nn. Whvte, Maryland. McMlllao, Minnesota. Cockrellj MishouM. JUrnce, Mi-slieippi. Kandolph, New Jeraey. Paddock Nebraska, Kcrnan, New York. Sliaron, Nevadn. Thurman.Ohio. Iiurnide, Rhodo Islund. Wallace, PennBylvania. Bdmnnds, Verraont. Bailcy, TeanesDee. Ctmerou, U'iscotisin. Maxey, Tcïas. Withere, Virlnin. Hereford, West Virginia. Successors to theso gentleniün have al ready been elected in Maryland, Onio, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Vcrniont, and 'irinia. Maryland has elected Gorman, democrat, to sucoeed Whyte, demoorat; Ohio has elected Garfield, republican, to succeed Thurman, democrat ; Mississippi lias olected a democrat to succeed Bruce, republican ; Khode Island has re-elected Uuinside, ermout haa re-elected Edmunds, and Virginia has electud Mahone, independent-democrat, in place of Withera, democrat. These changos balance the state of parties aod leave it as it was bofore. Of the statea to elect the coming winter, the following may be coiibidered as cortain to elect republican senators : Connecticut, Maine, Massachusett?, Michinn , Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, and VVisconsin - ten ; and the following certain to elect democratie senators: Delaware, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia- six. This will leave the state of parties in the ,-enato after Maroh :, 18U, as l'ollows : Dem. Rep. Senators holding over 29 iZ AlreaUy cluctod 3 8 Ccrtain to bc elected (i 10 Total 3S 35 Jjoaving as uncertain and to be determined after close coutesís, California, New Jersey, Indiana - three. The democrats are certain to have thirtyeight senators- cxactly one half tlie eenate - the republicans to. have thirty-üve SADMQüft, and the milor thioe places m k heard (rom. If Indiana shall in Ootober give l'ortcr even 2,500 niajoiity, the legislature of that state will be ropiiMieun. NewJersey does not voto until next Nüvumbor, and that state will in all probftbly not separatö itself from New York and Connccticut. where ri'piblic!iii HHHsa s asBared. In Ualifbrnia tlicru wuuld u nu iiui'stiou M to the election of a rcpublu-ui senator stere it not for the mixed oonditiön of IdcuI politics, eepccially on the question óf electing members of tho legislature. If republioan ators ,-ihall be elccled in t iliico states, then the senate alter Maroli .!, will be a tic, the vicc-president to be elected having the casting vote. Hvery probability boiotl to a decided republican majority in th n i liouse of K presentatives.


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