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The Black Map

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Here is just one paragrapk out of Congressman Horr's famous speech at East Saginaw the other night, we caDDOt retrain froni quoting. That speech ought to be read by every man in the nation. It is a grand document : There Is uo better evldence of a country's lntellli?ence thau the letters 1U peoplü wrlte. I don't care what kind of letters they wrlte. ¦O thcy wrlte letters, the number of letters the people wrlte Is a perfect Index to thelr lntelllgence. The people of the Southern states for the last ten years haven't written letters mimik il to pay thelr own postage luto 825,00(1,000, whereas Michigan wltli her undoveloped country to-iuy wriu-s letters enough to pay herown postage wil, Have yuu ever examined this edncational business? I had occasion to look It up. The great state of New York every year pnys me inoiuy to edúcate her coimnon people than tbe entire 1B southern states. The llti ii atete of Verraont pays more than the states of Mississlppi, Alabiunaand Arkansas. Why, the state ol Michigan, only admltted to the Union in 1837, not aquarter of her acreage under cultivatinn, and yet we have (?ot JS.IWO.OOO more in school-houses than the entire eleven states that went out of the Union. [Great applause.l And now ilo you thlnk you eau carry Michigan for Hancock where those hit! [LnuRhter.l There Is a map in the patent offloe lu Washington. I wish I had lthcro. Itlsamapof the United States. They have taken the statlstics of the country- the educatlonul bureau diU it -aud wherever there Is 60 per cent who cannot reail and wrlte, the map ts palnted black ; and where there are 40 per sant It Is palnted brown, and where there are 0 per cent, a lichter color, and so on untll they get down lo flve per cent , where It 1b almost white On that map you can see that blaekoeu represent iRnorance. If I had that map here be-orr you and should take a pencll and draw a line around the black portion of It. I would cooper the entire democratie party of this country. [Great laughter and applause.] And wherever It Is the whitest, there republicanlsm 18 the strongest. [Applause.] I was glad to see that MaHacuusetts, Vermont, Hhode Island, a part of Now York. northern Ohio and Michigan are the whitest spots on the map. [Great applause.) Now I cluliu that a party built up that way, drawlng all lts fstrength from Ignorance, is not the party that had better control thl government of ours. Let us kep the rein of the goverument In the hands of the white portion of that map, and tln'ii we have It In the hands of lntelllgence and vlrtue.


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